Venus Protocol Weekly Update W31/2021

Dear Venus Community,

This week, we have made progress on two important things:

  1. We released the Venus tokenomics model

  2. According to the risk model released last week, we started to adjust the risk parameters of assets.

More work is also underway.


With the release of the draft of the Venus tokenomics model, we are beginning to develop the remaining parts of the Venus Vault, which is the core module of the new Venus, and the amount of development is relatively large. This is currently the most critical task of the dev team. In addition, the risk factor of Venus different assets will also be gradually adjusted. This week, we have launched a risk factor adjustment proposal for XVS, SXP, MATIC and CAKE. More assets will follow, which will raise the security of Venus to a new level.


Venus Tokenomics

After extensively soliciting opinions from the community and discussing with professionals, we officially released the draft of the Venus tokenomics model. For details, please see:

XVS Vault

As mentioned above, after the Venus tokenomics model is released, the development of Venus Vault will enter a critical stage, and our dev team is focusing on this.

Interest Rate Curve Model

We officially announced Venus brand new risk framework and initiated a proposal for the modification of the risk parameters of 4 assets.


This week We held an AMA with StealthEx to make more people aware of the many positive changes that have taken place in Venus recently. In the near future, we will also cooperate with more media and communities in the BSC ecosystem to hold AMAs.


Cooperation negotiations with more partners are in progress, and the specific details will be disclosed after confirmation.

Venus key data this week(Week31)

Venus Metrics Data WoW
Average Total Liquidity 3.5B$ 16.7%
Average Total Borrows 1.22B$ 10.9%
Average Available Liquidity 2.1B$ 11.05%
Average Utilisation 37.1% -1.6%