Proposal: Launch the Vanguard Vantage Program

Empowering Governance, Marketing, Growth, and Ecosystem Expansion in Venus Protocol

1. Introduction

Dear community, we propose launching the "Vanguard Vantage’’ initiative, a transformative step forward in governance for the Venus Protocol, through the introduction of an innovative “Recognized Delegates” framework. By championing the principles of innovation, collaboration, and inclusive governance, Vanguard Vantage aims to become the driving force behind significant initiatives including Marketing, Liquidity Provisioning, Venus Stars, Ecosystem expansions, DEX’s and CEX’s collaborations and various DAO endeavors. This initiative is crafted not merely to propel growth and diversification within the Venus ecosystem but to markedly amplify our footprint in the DeFi realm. Vanguard Vantage will empower our community with greater decision-making capabilities, ensuring that Venus remains at the cutting edge of DeFi, committed to our core values of decentralization, transparency, and financial empowerment for all.

2. Motivation

The driving force behind Vanguard Vantage is our commitment to empower Venus with a specialized and versatile team that is dedicated to spearheading groundbreaking and ambitious growth initiatives. These include marketing campaigns and expanding Venus across multiple new ecosystems. Our goal is to address the ever-evolving challenges in the DeFi sector, seize growth opportunities, and ensure that Venus not only thrives but also stands as a pioneering force in community-driven innovation. Each initiative under the Vanguard Vantage umbrella is meticulously crafted to advance our mission. We aim to actively engage with the Venus community, attract new members, and raise awareness about the Venus community goals. This approach will enhance user experience, democratize finance, and uphold Venus’s reputation as a project that prioritizes community involvement and participation.

3. Challenges

The challenges we face are as significant as our ambitions, including:

  • Complexity of the DeFi Landscape: The DeFi ecosystem is inherently complex, characterized by rapidly evolving technologies, regulatory uncertainties, and intense competition. The challenge for Vanguard Vantage is to navigate this landscape effectively, identifying and seizing growth opportunities for Venus while remaining compliant and competitive.

  • Community Engagement: Active community participation and engagement are essential yet challenging to achieve. The barriers include technical complexities, a steep learning curve, and varying levels of user engagement. Our strategy addresses these issues head-on by employing educational initiatives, user-friendly platforms, and motivational incentives to foster a vibrant, participatory community.

  • Governance and Transparency: Enhancing governance and transparency standards is pivotal for Venus Protocol. We aim to tackle existing issues by implementing mechanisms that promote wider community involvement in decision-making processes and ensuring that these processes are transparent, understandable, and accountable to all stakeholders.

  • Public Relations & Marketing: Navigating regulatory frameworks and embracing Venus’s decentralized nature poses distinct marketing challenges. Balancing regulatory compliance with effective promotion requires finesse, ensuring our messaging aligns with financial regulations while conveying Venus’s unique value proposition. Moreover, our commitment to decentralization calls for a hybrid marketing strategy that integrates community-driven efforts with traditional methods. This approach aims to engage a global audience effectively, honoring the principles of decentralization and transparency that are central to Venus Protocol.

4. Our Mission & Responsibilities

Vanguard Vantage is dedicated to fostering effective governance and sustainable growth. Our multifaceted approach includes:

  • Governance Enhancement: We aim to enhance cross-stakeholder collaboration by establishing dedicated platforms for open dialogue (Forum) and utilizing temp checks (Snapshots) to effectively gauge community sentiment. These measures aim to streamline the proposal process, ensuring that governance actions reflect the broader community’s will and contribute to the protocol’s resilience and adaptability.

  • Ecosystem Expansion: Our strategy includes advocating for the Venus Protocol revenue growth and promoting new and diverse collateral options on the Venus ecosystem to diversify lending and borrowing options. We will actively pursue business development opportunities and technological partnerships to expand $XVS Value and growth across new networks, creating new partnerships and opportunities, enhancing the protocol’s utility and accessibility. Our efforts aim to create a robust, multifaceted ecosystem that serves a wide range of financial needs.

  • Support To Venus Labs: We are committed to working closely with the Venus Labs development team to support and amplify their ongoing initiatives, ensuring they are fully aligned with our community expectations and contribute robustly to the ecosystem’s overall growth.

  • Community Growth: We are committed to increasing the protocol’s visibility and fostering an engaged, informed, and educated community. By supporting the Venus Stars Ambassador Program in expanding educational initiatives and creating content that demystifies DeFi and encourages active participation. Our goal is to build a supportive and vibrant community that drives the protocol’s growth and innovation.

5. Our Commitment to the Venus Community:

As Venus DAO’s recognized delegate, we pledge proactive initiatives and substantial contributions that embody our commitment to transformative governance and protocol advancement. We stand at the vanguard of governance, advocating for processes that not only welcome but necessitate community input, ensuring that our collective actions resonate with the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders.

In driving ecosystem growth, Vanguard Vantage is committed to unleashing a wave of innovation within the Venus ecosystem. Through strategic partnerships, technological enhancements, and support for emerging DeFi solutions, we aim to broaden the protocol’s reach, diversify its offerings, and solidify its position as a DeFi leader.

Our approach to risk management is comprehensive, integrating advanced security measures, rigorous audits, and continuous monitoring to safeguard the protocol against both known and emergent threats. This commitment to security is paramount, ensuring that trust and safety remain at the core of our community’s experience.

Enhancing user experience remains a key focus, with Vanguard Vantage championing initiatives designed to make DeFi more accessible and engaging for everyone. From improving platform usability to launching educational programs that demystify DeFi, we are dedicated to creating a seamless, informative, and enjoyable journey for all users.

We invite the community to join us in this endeavor, to actively participate in shaping the future of Venus Protocol. Your voice is essential in our collective journey towards innovation, inclusivity, and growth. Together, let’s build a DeFi ecosystem that is not only powerful and efficient but also aligned with the values and needs of its community.

6. Who is the Vanguard Vantage Team

The Vanguard Vantage team represents a dynamic fusion of expertise in decentralized finance, technology, and marketing, poised to guide the evolution of the Venus DAO. United by a shared vision of innovation, community-led governance, and sustainable growth, our team brings together seasoned professionals, each with a unique contribution to Venus Protocol’s journey:

Danny: Head of Vanguard Vantage

With an extensive background and proven track record in business development and the DeFi ecosystem, oversees the strategic planning and execution of Vanguard Vantage’s objectives and initiatives. He holds degrees in International Business Administration and Political Science from top universities in Canada, which provided him with a strong foundation in cross-cultural communication and global economics.

Over the past three and a half years, he has led Venus’s growth efforts, successfully recovering over $100M in shortfalls, submitting over 150 governance proposals, and developing several new tokenomics versions to benefit the Venus community, evolving them in line with the needs of the protocol and community alongside the Venus Labs team.

He oversees DAO operations and spearheads Business Development and liquidity provisioning and onboarding initiatives. His leadership extends across product development, DeFi strategy, and operations. His vision is instrumental in extending the reach and achieving the strategic objectives of the Venus Protocol.

  • Jaime: IT Manager

With a robust background in technical architecture and entrepreneurship, leads Vanguard Vantage’s technological infrastructure. He has founded and led an electronics engineering consulting company and holds over a decade of experience in the automotive industry, an Executive MBA, and a Lean Startup Management program. Deeply passionate about Web3, DAOs, DeFi, and AI technologies.

As Venus Blue Star, he has been pivotal in managing the technical aspects of Venus’s marketing campaigns and in developing community-focused tools and portals like the Venus Stars website, Venus Revoke DApp, and Venus VAI PSM UI DApp, amongst others. His expertise is crucial for crafting tools and applications that enhance community engagement, security, and accessibility. Collaborating with external partners and the marketing team, he drives the integration of cutting-edge solutions to propel the Venus ecosystem forward and elevate its presence through innovative content.

  • U-Chyung: Marketing & Content Manager

He is a results-driven sales leader with over a decade of experience in business development, sales, and marketing in finance and telecommunications. Previously a Partnership and Account Manager at Binance, he successfully negotiated six-figure deals and led seven-figure fund recovery initiatives. He generated $6 million ROI at Digi Telecommunications through channel development and increased market share by 11%.

U-Chyung has a BA (With Honors) in Marketing from Anglia Ruskin University and certifications in Blockchain Business Models and Design Thinking for Innovation. His expertise in building strategic partnerships and driving marketing campaigns is crucial for enhancing Venus Protocol’s visibility and community engagement.

  • Kevin: Business Development, Partnerships and Ecosystem Growth Manager

Brings a wealth of experience in business development and partnerships within the blockchain and financial industries. At Persistence Labs, he achieved significant growth by expanding liquid staked products and validator nodes, and establishing OTC investment pipelines. Previously at Binance Labs, he managed a multi-billion dollar venture capital arm with a 1260% rate of return, overseeing close to 290 global portfolio companies.

Kevin also played a key role at the Monetary Authority of Singapore, promoting financial market growth and organizing the highly successful Singapore FinTech Festival 2020. His academic credentials include a Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) in Finance from Singapore Management University, from one of the prestigious universities in Singapore.

  • Adriano: DEX & CEX Relations and Operations Advisor

Serial entrepreneur with a corporate finance background, has been working primarily as a founder in Decentralized Finance for over 5 years, leading both strategic vision and execution. He led LiquidDriver to $350M TVL and launched, the second biggest DEX on the BNB chain, achieving over 60,000 monthly active users and $44M in TVL, and reaching the top 5 DEXs in weekly revenues.

Deeply passionate about democratizing financial opportunities and disrupting a legacy financial system that lacks inclusivity and transparency.

7. Governance

Vanguard Vantage is deeply committed to enhancing governance within the Venus ecosystem through:

  • Cross-collaboration among Stakeholders: We are committed to nurturing a governance culture where developers, users, investors, and fellow DeFi communities collaborate seamlessly. Through initiatives like interactive governance forums and co-development projects, we aim to cultivate a holistic development environment for Venus Protocol, ensuring all voices are heard and considered.

  • Increased Participation in Venus Governance: To amplify community engagement in governance, Vanguard Vantage will launch a series of educational campaigns, accessible discussion platforms, and interactive workshops. These efforts are designed to simplify the governance process, highlight the value of community contributions, and inspire broader participation across all stages of proposal development.

  • Facilitating Proposals with Temp Checks (Snapshots): Our approach to streamlining the proposal process involves the strategic use of temp checks to gather preliminary community sentiment. By leveraging platforms renowned for their accessibility and user-friendliness, we aim to ensure proposals resonate with the community’s needs and preferences, enhancing the efficiency and responsiveness of our governance model.

  • Exclusive Gated Community for Delegators: Recognizing the pivotal role of our delegators, Vanguard Vantage will establish a gated community offering dedicated support, regular updates, and exclusive access to VIP events and beta features. This initiative, designed to foster a closer-knit and more informed delegator community, requires a minimum threshold of delegated XVS votes for participation.

8. Ecosystem Development

The Vanguard Vantage program aims to drive the Venus Protocol’s growth and innovation across various fronts by:

  • Supporting Expansion Across New Networks: Actively pursuing business development (BD) opportunities to expand the Venus ecosystem into new networks. This strategy involves identifying suitable networks for expansion and establishing partnerships to facilitate seamless integration and adoption.

  • Advocating for Organic Revenue Growth: Focusing on initiatives that enhance the revenue-generating capabilities of Venus, constantly improving Venus Tokenomics to adapt to the community’s expectations and foster better and more inclusive economic models. Vanguard Vantage will support and advocate for strategies that increase the yields of available pools, thereby contributing to the sustainability and financial health of the Venus Protocol and its users.

  • Promoting the Use of LP Tokens and Yield-Bearing Assets as Collateral: Encouraging the integration of venus LP tokens and other yield-bearing assets in other ecosystem dApps and into the Venus lending and borrowing markets. This will not only diversify the collateral options available to users but also enhance the protocol’s utility and attractiveness to a broader audience.

  • Facilitating Synergies Across Other Platforms and Ecosystems: Actively seeking and fostering synergies with other DeFi platforms and ecosystems. By creating bridges between Venus and other DeFi projects, Vanguard Vantage aims to unlock new opportunities for growth, innovation, and user engagement.

  • Onboarding of New Assets/Markets: Streamlining the process for integrating new assets and markets into the Venus Protocol. This involves conducting thorough due diligence, engaging with the community for feedback, and ensuring that new additions align with Venus’s strategic objectives and risk management frameworks.

  • DEX Collaborations and Liquidity Onboarding: Develop additional strategic partnerships with decentralized exchanges to enhance XVS liquidity and market presence for all Venus supported assets. This includes negotiating collaborative agreements, setting up liquidity pools, leveraging cross-chain functionalities, and involving the community in asset selection to ensure relevance and alignment with user interests.


9. Marketing

1. Goals & Objectives

  • Increase awareness and adoption: Elevate the Venus Protocol and the Vanguard Vantage initiative to top-of-mind awareness among DeFi users, crypto investors, and potential strategic partners. Highlight our unique value proposition to differentiate Venus in the competitive DeFi landscape and attract a broader audience. This strategic positioning aims to not only inform but also entice a wide range of participants by showcasing the innovative and community-driven aspects of Venus.

  • Drive user and investor growth: Attract a diverse audience to the protocol, from new users to seasoned investors, by stimulating both lending and borrowing activities. Support the Venus Stars program’s role in onboarding and education, while developing targeted strategies to engage and retain investors through transparent communication, exclusive insights, and opportunities for direct involvement in governance and growth initiatives. This dual approach seeks to foster a vibrant community and a solid investor base.

  • Solidify brand reputation: Position Venus Protocol as the premier decentralized money market, celebrated for its relentless innovation, unwavering reliability, and steadfast commitment to the community. By emphasizing on Venus’s potential and showcasing success stories and robust security measures, we aim to build trust and credibility in the market.

  • Strengthen community: Leverage Venus Stars to amplify community engagement, foster loyalty, and provide a welcoming, educational environment for DeFi newcomers and veterans alike. This strategy is designed to build a strong, informed, and active community that supports and advocates for Venus Protocol.

  • Cultivate strategic partnerships: Actively pursue and secure strategic partnerships with other blockchain entities, DeFi projects, CeDeFi entities and fintech innovators to bring modern Crypto-Fiat onboarding and offboarding solutions to the community and expand Venus Protocol’s ecosystem and market presence. Identify potential partners, negotiate collaborations, and nurture these relationships to ensure mutual growth, alignment of goals, and long-term collaboration success. This focus on strategic partnerships aims to create synergies and expand the protocol’s reach and capabilities.

  • Enhance investor relations: Implement a comprehensive investor relations strategy that communicates Venus’s value proposition, growth trajectory, and investment opportunities. This initiative is designed to attract and retain investors by providing clear, consistent, and compelling information about Venus Protocol’s performance and potential, ensuring investors are well-informed and engaged with the protocol’s development.

2. Marketing Channels and Tactics

  • Content Marketing:

Develop and distribute informative blog posts, tutorials, and comprehensive guides that delve into the Venus Protocol, elucidate DeFi concepts, and explain the transformative role of Vanguard Vantage within the ecosystem.

Produce engaging videos for social media platforms that highlight the features and benefits of Venus, incorporating success stories and user testimonials to demonstrate real-world impact.

Create visually appealing infographics that simplify and communicate complex Venus features and DeFi principles, facilitating easier understanding for a broad audience.

  • Social Media:

Establish and maintain a strong, active presence on major social platforms such as Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Telegram, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, tailored to each platform’s unique audience and engagement style.

Engage directly with the community by responding to inquiries, participating in discussions, and sharing valuable insights, fostering a sense of belonging and support.

Partner with key DeFi influencers and projects to broaden reach and penetration into new communities, leveraging their credibility and networks.

  • Press Releases:

Craft and disseminate press releases to highlight significant updates, strategic partnerships, and key milestones achieved by Venus, ensuring wide visibility across both crypto-focused and mainstream financial media.

Pitch compelling stories to both industry-specific publications and broader financial news outlets, showcasing Venus Protocol’s innovations and successes.

Arrange interviews and guest posts for Venus Protocol and Vanguard Vantage leaders to share insights, vision, and future plans with a wider audience, establishing thought leadership.

  • Partnerships:

Actively seek and form strategic alliances with other leading DeFi projects, wallets, and blockchain platforms, focusing on creating synergies that benefit all parties involved.

Initiate cross-promotional opportunities and co-marketing campaigns to mutually boost visibility and user engagement, tapping into each partner’s strengths.

  • Ambassador Program (Venus Stars):

Equip Venus Stars with the resources and support they need to effectively promote and advocate for Venus, turning them into knowledgeable and passionate community leaders.

Leverage ambassadors for crafting content and conducting community outreach, ensuring Venus’s global appeal and accessibility.

  • Advertising:

Conduct targeted advertising campaigns on crypto-centric platforms and search engines to capture the attention of potential users and investors, utilizing dynamic and compelling ad creatives.

Implement retargeting campaigns to re-engage visitors who have shown interest but have not yet taken action, using tailored messages to convert interest into participation.

  • Events & Meetups:

Organize and host with the upper echelons of the crypto financial world a mix of virtual and in-person events centered around Venus Protocol, with the objectives of onboarding new retail users, partners, VC’s and institutional capital.

Empower Venus Stars to organize and lead local meetups in their respective regions, facilitating grassroots community building and engagement.

  • Gamification:

Integrate gamification strategies across different platforms to increase engagement and participation within the Venus community. This could involve challenges, rewards, and competitions that incentivize user activity and contributions, such as participating in governance, contributing to discussions, or promoting Venus on social media.

  • Analytics:

Implement a comprehensive analytics framework to track and evaluate the performance of all marketing campaigns and initiatives. Utilize tools and platforms that offer insights into user behavior, campaign effectiveness, and ROI.

Regularly analyze data to understand community engagement patterns, optimize marketing efforts, and make data-driven decisions. This involves monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, conversion rates, social media engagement, and event participation.

Use insights gained from analytics to refine targeting, messaging, and content, ensuring that marketing strategies remain aligned with community interests and protocol objectives.

10. Vanguard Team Structure

Head of Vanguard Vantage

  • Responsibilities:

    • Craft and direct the strategic vision and path for Vanguard Vantage, ensuring alignment with overarching Venus Protocol objectives.
    • Drive initiatives across the Venus Labs Development Team, DAO operations, Business Development, and Liquidity Provisioning, integrating them to enhance the protocol’s value and innovation.
    • Lead comprehensive planning, execution, and performance evaluation of strategic initiatives, ensuring they meet set goals and contribute to the protocol’s growth.
    • Act as the primary liaison between Vanguard Vantage, The Venus Labs development team and the broader Venus community, facilitating transparency and stakeholder engagement.
  • Skills and Experience:

    • Extensive experience in DeFi strategy and operations, with a demonstrated ability to navigate the complex landscape of decentralized finance.
    • Exceptional leadership skills, capable of motivating and directing a multidisciplinary team towards achieving strategic objectives.
    • Proven track record of strategic planning and successful execution of initiatives within the blockchain ecosystem.
    • Strong multi language communication skills, capable of effectively articulating strategy, fostering stakeholder engagement, and driving community support.

IT Manager

  • Responsibilities:

    • Develop and execute a comprehensive technological strategy that aligns with Vanguard Vantage’s goals, focusing on innovative solutions to bolster community operations and engagement.
    • Ensure efficient operation and regular updates of digital platforms, including community websites, hosting servers, and VPS servers for community management bots, maintaining a robust and secure online presence.
    • Lead the creation and maintenance of tools and applications that enhance community interaction, security, and accessibility, supporting Vanguard Vantage initiatives.
    • Collaborate with external partners to integrate solutions such as e-commerce platforms and hardware wallets, generating additional revenue for the Venus community.
    • Work closely with the marketing manager to enhance social media engagement for contributing to the creation of technical content, and promote Venus with innovative digital content.
    • Provide expert technical assistance and support across various platforms, aiming to streamline communication channels and elevate the overall user experience within the community.
    • Collaborate with Venus risk assessment partners to propose risk parameter adjustments and related proposals, ensuring they do not interfere with protocol development.
  • Skills and experience:

    • Proven experience in web infrastructure management, tool development, and technology integration within a community or blockchain context.
    • Strong capability in developing strategic technological initiatives that align with community goals and enhance engagement and growth.
    • Exceptional leadership capabilities, proven by a track record of successfully managing projects and leading diverse teams towards achieving common objectives.
    • A history of fostering positive relations within a community, showcasing excellent communication, problem-solving, and engagement skills.
    • A passionate dedication to exploring and adopting new technologies and solutions that propel the objectives of Vanguard Vantage forward.

Marketing & Content Manager:

  • Responsibilities:

    • Develop and oversee the overall marketing strategy to ensure it aligns with the Venus community expectations and the Vanguard Vantage’s objectives.
    • Define clear objectives, KPIs, and success metrics, adjusting strategies based on analytical insights.
    • Manage the marketing budget effectively, allocating resources to high-impact activities.
    • Produce and oversee the creation of diverse content (blogs, videos, social media posts) that educates, engages, and converts.
    • Implement SEO and SEM strategies to enhance online visibility and drive targeted traffic.
    • Lead influencer partnerships and community engagement initiatives to expand reach and foster a loyal community.
    • Analyze content and campaign performance to continually refine marketing efforts.
    • Collaborate with Business Development (BD) Manager and the Venus Stars Community Manager (CM), ensuring that marketing efforts are synchronized with business growth and investment outreach.
  • Skills and experience:

    • Extensive experience in business development, sales, digital marketing and content creation in the financial and telecommunications sectors
    • Demonstrated leadership abilities and experience managing a multifunctional marketing team, showing both leadership and strategic foresight.
    • Excellent command of writing, editing, and optimizing content for diverse platforms and deep understanding of SEO, SEM, and modern content marketing tactics.
    • Profound knowledge of blockchain business models and skills in designing innovative strategies, with a particular focus on increasing community participation and engagement, paired with a continuous desire to learn and adapt to the evolving DeFi landscape.

Business Development, Partnerships and Ecosystem Growth Manager

  • Responsibilities:

    • Identify and develop business opportunities that support the growth and expansion of the Venus Protocol ecosystem through new networks and strategic partnerships.
    • Negotiate and formalize partnerships that enhance the protocol’s value and utility, maintaining strong and enduring relationships with strategic partners
    • Lead ecosystem initiatives by constantly evaluating new market opportunities and emerging DeFi technologies.
    • Assess and report on the impact of these partnerships on the protocol’s expansion and user base growth.
  • Skills and experience:

    • Extensive experience in business development and partnership management within the blockchain and financial industries, with a solid record of significant achievements in expanding products and services.
    • Strong negotiation, communication, and relationship management skills.
    • Capable of managing venture capital and contributing to financial festivals and events, enhancing Venus’s market positioning globally.
    • Advanced education in business management and business studies, combined with a deep understanding of DeFi market dynamics.

DEX & CEX Relations and Operations Advisor

  • Responsibilities:

    • Lead the strategy and operations for collaborations between Venus Protocol and various DEX and CEX platforms to enhance liquidity and market access.
    • Develop and maintain operational and strategic relationships with decentralized and centralized exchanges, ensuring smooth integration of new features and services.
    • Oversee the implementation of operations and the adoption of Venus assets into new markets, focusing on optimizing visibility and profitability.
  • Skills and experience:

    • Extensive experience in decentralized finance, leading projects that challenge traditional financial structures.
    • Expertise in launching and managing high-performance DEXs, with a deep understanding of the crypto exchange landscape.
    • Passionate about democratizing financial opportunities and committed to inclusion and transparency in the financial ecosystem.

11. Achievements to Date

A detailed recount of what we have already brought to the Venus community along with our Blue Stars team over the past 3+ years, highlighting the governance efforts, ambassador program successes, marketing milestones, security measures, and user support achievements.


  • Proposed more than 100 VIP’s

  • Proposed more than 50 Snapshots

  • More than 100 partnerships across several blockchains

  • Worked on the elaboration of 4 versions of Venus Tokenomics

  • Over 200 posts created on the Forum

  • Worked on recovery of over $100M shortfalls

  • Constant and daily work with Venus Devs and Product team

  • Onboarding of hundreds of millions of dollars in TVL

  • Over 100 BD Deals with 3rd party dApps

Ambassador Program Achievements

  • More than 200 AMA’s with hundreds of ecosystem partners
  • More than 200 Educational workshops
  • More than 60 educational Kahoot Quiz games
  • More than 50 In real life events and conferences
  • Active users support in over a dozen languages
  • Active ambassadors in key regions around the World
  • Creation of several community tools (BeSaFu, Revoke, VAI PSM UI, Alert & AntiSpam Bots)
  • Creation and daily management of Stars Website with Calendar of Events, Blog and Newsletter


  • Created & managed accounts on more than 10 platforms
  • Launched more than 20 Venus Campaigns
  • Published more than 60 videos in different languages
  • Represented Venus on Social media more than 50 times (Twitter Spaces etc.)
  • Creation of community website
  • Creation & managing of Community Twitter account
  • Posted more than 1000 Tweets
  • Updated Venus data on 3rd party websites including CMC and several exchanges
  • Work with Messari on Quarterly reports


  • Quick response prevented higher losses during several incidents including the LUNA/UST incident.
  • Worked on Improving Venus score in several security reports to the maximum possible value.
  • Daily Risk Parameters monitoring and weekly recommendations reviews and publication with ChaosLabs.


  • Supporting Venus users in more than 10 languages across more than 15 communities

12. Annual Budget

To ensure the success and sustainable growth of the Vanguard Vantage initiative, a comprehensive budget is essential. The following outlines the projected annual budget, of $542,000 designed to support our core areas. Each area is crucial for advancing our objectives of enhancing Business development, Marketing, Governance, Community engagement, and Ecosystem development within the Venus Protocol.

To maintain a highly skilled and dedicated team, we allocate funds to cover salaries, resources, infrastructure, advisory, legal consulting fees and operational costs. This ensures that our team can continue to innovate, strategize, and execute Vanguard Vantage’s mission effectively.

This budget is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the evolving needs of the Vanguard Vantage initiative and the broader Venus ecosystem. It reflects our commitment to transparency, responsible management and strategic investment in areas critical to our mission. Through careful planning and execution, this budget will support the ambitious goals of Vanguard Vantage, driving the marketing force and innovation, community engagement, and sustainable growth within the DeFi space.

13. Conclusion

Vanguard Vantage is more than a program; it’s a declaration of our commitment to bring a refreshed and renewed confidence in Venus through vibrant marketing campaigns, targeted advertising efforts and innovation, participatory governance, and sustainable growth. We invite all community members to join us on this exciting journey, lending their voice and supporting our initiatives. Together, we can ensure a prosperous future for the Venus Protocol and redefine the DeFi landscape.


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