Gauntlet Quarterly Summary Q1 2023

Summary and Highlights

Sharing a recap of Gauntlet’s market risk management work with Venus in Q1 2023.

Category Work Completed Commmentary
5 Routine Recommendations via Governance Risk Parameter Recommendations 1 - Jan 26

Risk Parameter Recommendations 2 - Feb 11

Risk Parameter Recommendations 3 - Feb 23

Risk Parameter Recommendations 4 - March 6

Risk Parameter Recommendations 5 - March 23
Daily risk simulations and stress tests

Adjusting protocol parameters to combat market volatility and support growing the protocol safely
2 Special Situation Recommendations Initial Param Recs for SXP - Feb 17

Initial Param Recommendations for TRX (new) - Feb 25
Utilizing risk simulations and stress tests to respond to market risk events by adjusting protoocl parameters as needed.

Interest Rate Curve Recommendations via Governance
Published methodology and recommendations for Interest Rate Curves to increase protocol revenue and mitigate risk during periods of high utilization. As requested by the community, we expanded our scope to cover interest rate curve optimization.
Risk Modeling via Forum and Governance USDC volatility firefighting, including risk modeling, risk recommendation triggers, and continuous monitoring.

BUSD Risk Analysis and Potential Deprecation Plan
Firefighting during unique market stress events. Risk modeling to provide insight into the risk/reward tradeoffs of Venus initiatives

Upcoming Work

  • Support of Isolated Pools as needed
  • Continued support via Routine and Special Situation Risk Parameter Recommendations
  • Continued support of community initiatives and market alerts

We are happy to answer any questions or hear any feedback - feel free to comment below.