DAI Listing Proposal for Venus Protocol on Ethereum Mainnet


Hello Venus Community! This proposal seeks to introduce DAI on Venus Protocol Ethereum deployment to boost its lending and borrowing ecosystem. DAI’s stability and extensive backing aim to offer Venus a reliable collateral option, driving liquidity and user engagement.


MakerDAO is at the forefront of DeFi, offering DAI, the world’s first unbiased currency. DAI stands out as a stable, decentralized currency that’s accessible to anyone, embodying the advantages of digital money without discrimination. This US dollar-pegged stablecoin is celebrated for its stability, transparency, and decentralization. For more about DAI and MakerDAO, visit https://makerdao.com.

Benefits for Venus Protocol

  • Stability: DAI offers Venus a stable, reliable collateral option.
  • Diversification: Adds a well-regarded asset to Venus, strengthening its ecosystem.
  • User Growth: Attracts MakerDAO’s vast community to Venus, potentially increasing TVL.

Benefits for MakerDAO

  • Increased DAI Utility: Listing on Venus allows DAI holders to lend, borrow, and earn interest, boosting DAI’s demand.
  • Wider Exposure: Introduces DAI to Venus’s ETH Mainnet ecosystem, expanding its adoption.


Listing DAI on Venus Protocol Ethereum deployment represents a strategic move to enrich both platforms by leveraging DAI’s proven stability and MakerDAO’s robust ecosystem. It offers Venus an opportunity to diversify its asset offerings and enhance user experience while expanding DAI’s utility and market presence.

I have been active in governance at MakerDAO since 2021. First as a Recognized Delegate until the adoption of the “Endgame” plan. Currently I support the Regenerative Finance Aligned Voter Committee in encouraging the Maker community to pursue growth strategies through engagement with DeFi and TradFi participants outside of our particular governance bubble.

The ReFi AVC defines “Regenerative” Finance, or ReFi, for our purposes as both organizational (decentralized) and technological (crypto-native) change empowering ordinary people with permissionless access to financial services that are anti-fragile, transparent and corruption-resistant.

We invite the Venus community to consider this proposal for mutual growth in the DeFi sector. Thank you for reading! Happy to answer questions here or help make introductions to the various teams at MakerDAO who would be appropriate to connect with you.


this will qualitatively increase the capabilities of users and will have a beneficial effect on the turnover of the protocol


There’s always a place for $DAI on venus <3


Looking forward to see DAI in Venus (Ethereum chain)!! :grinning:


Good news!! We’re glad to cooperate with Maker DAO.



Chaos Labs is providing risk parameter recommendations for adding DAI to the Venus Core Pool on Ethereum, should the Venus community decide on its addition. Following is our analysis and risk parameter recommendations for the initial listing.

Liquidity and Market Cap

Over the last 180 days, DAI has an average market cap of $4.59B. It has a daily average trading volume of $196M over this timeframe.

Collateral Factor

We recommend setting the Collateral Factor to 75%, at parity with stablecoin parameters on the BNB market.

Supply Cap and Borrow Cap

We propose setting the initial Supply and Borrow Caps at the same levels as USDC and USDT in the Ethereum Core Pool, given DAI’s extensive on-chain liquidity.

This leads us to recommend a 50M DAI supply cap and a borrow cap of 45M DAI.

IR Curves

We recommend setting the IR curve in line with those of the major stablecoins on the Ethereum Core pool:

  • Base - 0%
  • Kink - 80%
  • Multiplier - 15%, aligned with our Stablecoin IR proposal.
  • Jump Multiplier - 250%
  • Reserve factor - 10%


Parameter Value
Borrowable Yes
Collateral Factor 75%
Liquidation Threshold 77%
Supply Cap 50,000,000
Borrow Cap 45,000,000
IR — Base 0%
IR — Multiplier 15%
IR — Jump Multiplier 250.00%
IR — Kink 80.00%
Reserve Factor 10.00%