Check out Mars Ecosystem

After Venus’ tweet from this morning I googled Mars Ecosystem. I had never heard of it but I guess they are partnering. Makes sense, Venus, Mars…

The platform looks really good. Interest rates are HUGE! I exchanged some BNB for XMS today and staked.

Im not sure exactly how they are going to partner but I assume they will each offer investment options for each others coins. IDK but that is my guess.

Check it out.

Assuming you’re of good faith and this topic is not a scam-ish ad,

  1. They’re not partner in any way. A lot of dApp use the term “Mars”
  2. It’s just some random dApp with its random shitcoin offering high rates on its shitcoin pairs. You can find hundreds of them on all blockchains.
  3. You may make a short-term big gain or big loss from your XMS. Pretty much like playing roulette. On the long term, shitcoins go toward zero.

Ive been in this group for a while. No I am not part of either teams. Not a scam. Just thought I would talk about it.

There, hundreds of similar farms and their respective swap, farms and tokens. Mostly Pancake clones, and Mars is one.
Sometimes the tokens goes high, like KebabFinance, then, in virtually all cases, it plummets. It’s very possible to make a short-term big gain. Very few are long term successes, those, either due to high quality (Acryptos…) or high volume (Venus, Belt…)


Ok thanks. Hopefully I can make some money before/IF it crashes.

An article about Mars Ecosystem here.

By article he means 14 sentences…