Cannot withdraw my eth

I try to withdraw eth and bnb but there is this error. Gas fee is .47 BNB. My borrow balance is 0.Please advice.

I’ve been getting this as well. I tried to manually add a transaction fee in the range of what I usually pay and the transaction failed with a “Protocol is Paused” error. Super alarming. I pulled a random example from the list of failed ones on the vBUSD contract to show what I mean:

Ideally this pausing also means liquidations are paused because right now because we can’t repay loans either! Example from the many failed loan repayments:

Hopefully it’s nothing but it’s super worrying to see something like “Protocol is Paused” with no mention of it from the devs on the forum or their Twitter page.

me ocurre lo mismo cuando intento amortizar parte de mi préstamo…me intenta cobrar 0.47 BNB igual que a tí…es de la web que está mal…paciencia y a probar dentro de una hora o dos

it appears that venus is paused, see here "Protocol is Paused"... what's going on? - #4 by minstn

Dear User’s. The protocol is currently paused. Deposits, withdrawals and liquidations have been temporarily paused. Service will be resumed on Sunday May 15th at approximately 6:40am GTM-4. Funds are SAFE.

For more details, please see this article: