"Protocol is Paused"... what's going on?

I’m getting constant “Protocol is Paused” errors on Venus when I try to do anything. I pulled a random example from the list of failed transactions:


Just curious what’s going on. I was hoping I’d come here or their Twitter and page and see some type of explanation for it but there’s no updates or anything.

Venus team paused the protocol.

Brace for impact.

““Chainlink feeds are not behaving properly. The protocol has been paused while we investigate. We will keep you posted””
@Danny explained it on Telegram.

(post deleted by author)

Quote from @Danny
““We will resume in a few hours.””

We know the status of the protocol. we are very sorry! However, I have 3.99 Luna that were mistakenly placed with colatel, in which they are blocking 9.2 ETH and 0.48 BTCs from a social project here in Brazil. We want to donate these lunas to the Veneus protocol for free (zero cost) and release the EThs and BTCs. Can you help us with this? Thanks

Whoow, at current value, this is a donation of $0.0015, so kind of you!