Wrong transaction to Venus Distribution address

Good day to Venus community
By mistake I sent from my MetaMask wallet Venus tokens to the Venus distribution address.
Full details of the transaction below:

•Transaction Hash 0x754d8aafdffb84321e3d1e63aa83bf9814c5b9fd3e05db75e9b319c586b24017
•Block Number 7607668
‘ Timestamp May-21-2021 05:36:25 PM +UTC
•Sender’s Address 0x2afa6c1e937887a496414096b256339fb476049f
•Recipient’s Address 0xfd36e2c2a6789db23113685031d7f16329158384
•Balance on sender’s account before transfer 1125.66
•Network fee 0.00057 BNB or 0.18 $

How can I return my tokens? Thank you all