Why isn't my vote counted?


today I voted on the VIP-27 Against.
I have a transactional proof of that action.

The Website is showing me that I have voted.

But when I look at the governance status of the proposal, my vote isn’t there. It’s been 9 hours and I still can’t see my vote. I voted against.

Where is my vote?
Has my voice been heard that I, a supporter of the project am voting Against the proposal?

I don’t want to believe that the project isn’t really governed, I think we all know that there is a whale address that has total control, so at least having the chance to vote and use the utility of XVS, that would be great.
I’ve seen on Venus Telegram that people find it strange that there is no information about how liquidations can be executed. Will the Liquidator contract usability be accessable to users?

Also please implement the function of voting with vXVS, so we can vote about the Collateral factor decrease whilest using your coin as collateral.

Also if the community agrees that the price of XVS should be stabilized, couldn’t we first finish working on changing the Reward token from XVS to VRT?

Your vote is not counted because you did not own those XVS at the time the proposal was made (at block 7731403).

You cannot purchase XVS after the proposal was made and then use them to vote on that proposal. You must already have them in your voting account at the time the proposal is made.

The interface shows that you voted because you did vote, but with 0 votes.

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Unfortunately I took the second Picture after depositting my XVS back into my Supply on Venus. But I have been holding this XVS from quite some time. I Withdrew and with my 95.7174 XVS I have voted. I owned these tokens before the proposal. My friend has voted as well, his vote is nowhere to be found. Now that proposal is old news, I also tried voting against in the VIP-28, once Again i withdrew all my XVS, voted, then deposited back into the platform. My vote is nowhere to be seen, yet the site shows me that i Voted in both proposals.

Me too. I didnt show up in the column either but it said I voted.