Why i cant whitdraw my ust?

why i cant whitdraw my ust???

I can’t withdraw LUNA neither. What’s going on?

OK. I already got it. From TerraBridge (through the wormhole) you make a transfer from your wallet associated with Venus (BSC, Metamask, etc) to your Terra Station wallet. In my case, Venus did not allow me to withdraw my LUNA to my BSC wallet. But by connecting my BSC and Terra Station wallets on TerraBridge, the transfer can be done. I hope this helps.

Have you been able to withdraw your ust now ?

noooo i cant extract ust…

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You need to contact support so they can help you with your withdrawal issue immediately

Hello @migalve @JARV Kindly chat with one of our dev on live chat to get a quicker response CLICK HERE

Hi @Sandeep nothing happens with the link… web its down…