Why does claiming cost soooooo much?

Claiming XVS on the Vote page is extremely expensive!

It’s currently showing a network fee of 0.0176xxx BNB, which is almost $10 USD!

Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Is there another way to claim my XVS?

That’s way too expensive… it means that even if I waited until I had $100 of XVS (which would take my non-whale account a significant amount of time), it would even then cost me 10% of my rewards.

Honestly… it makes the XVS reward useless for me… which means the loan rates are not as competitive as they should be.


Well that is a big issue. JL said this will be fixed during V2 upgrade in AMA.

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I agree too. Cost so much to claim the rewards.

Ouch it is really that much? I cant understand the gwei costs. I just dont know how to convert it and I havent seen a calculator. Is it etherium based? How does that work when I dont have any ETH?

I agree. 0.015112 BNB is ridicules. This could be an expensive transaction when BNB is at top price. Now that bnb is getting more valuable this issue is amplified. I would be putting more assets on this platform if this was fixed. I like to cash it in and roll it back into the stake and this makes it impractical.

It was for their profit, thats why.

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This has been fixed. Thanks Venus devs

It has never been a real issue, the smart contracts have three “claimVenus” methods, inherited from the three claimComp from Compound

  1. Get all XVS from all markets, both lend and borrow, even if not used, even if amount is zero: costs gas a fortune, don’t use, but the web UI were bound to this one. Lazy, lazy web devs…
  2. Get XVS for some selected markets, both lend and borrow, significantly less expensive, especially if you entered few markets (typically one or two).
  3. Get XVS for some selected markets, selecting lend, borrow or both. Super cheap if you use only one market.

Always use the 3. since other are proxies over it, and calling a method from another method in EVM costs some gas. It will always be the cheapest way.

Interface: https://bscscan.com/address/0xfd36e2c2a6789db23113685031d7f16329158384#writeProxyContract
that’s method #23