Why does claiming cost soooooo much?

Claiming XVS on the Vote page is extremely expensive!

It’s currently showing a network fee of 0.0176xxx BNB, which is almost $10 USD!

Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Is there another way to claim my XVS?

That’s way too expensive… it means that even if I waited until I had $100 of XVS (which would take my non-whale account a significant amount of time), it would even then cost me 10% of my rewards.

Honestly… it makes the XVS reward useless for me… which means the loan rates are not as competitive as they should be.


Well that is a big issue. JL said this will be fixed during V2 upgrade in AMA.

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I agree too. Cost so much to claim the rewards.

Ouch it is really that much? I cant understand the gwei costs. I just dont know how to convert it and I havent seen a calculator. Is it etherium based? How does that work when I dont have any ETH?

I agree. 0.015112 BNB is ridicules. This could be an expensive transaction when BNB is at top price. Now that bnb is getting more valuable this issue is amplified. I would be putting more assets on this platform if this was fixed. I like to cash it in and roll it back into the stake and this makes it impractical.

It was for their profit, thats why.