Where are emergecyWithdraw , Contrato MastercChef in de contract XVS?


After reviewing the XVS contract, I have seen that it lacks the necessary security measures so that in case of an attack on the web we can get our coins by another route, which would be through the contract. so I would like to know where to find:


In the event that they are not present, that they proceed as soon as possible to their implementation, and thereby give value to the project, to these 3 options I would add that of a ranking of the first 100 accounts with more XVS.

implement the Venus Protocol Project.

-Classification of the first 100 accounts with more XVS.

emergecyWithdraw is for staking dApp such as Pancake farms. XVS itself is a BEP20 token (the same thing as an ERC20) and the set of expected methods is standard. What’s the concept of withdraw for a token? You don’t withdraw a token, you transfer it. And if the Token contract itself is hacked, basically the token is dead.

Are you talking about the vTokens, here vXVS?
Even if yes,

  1. It’s also a BEP20 token
  2. It’s collateralizable so you cannot emergecy-withdraw it. This idea was the source of the Syrup defect of PancakeSwap: people vested their CAKE to get SYRUP then called emergecyWithdraw to get them back.
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thanks for the clarification.

Anyway, a list with the people who have more XVS is missing.

But since we are in dApp world, only few can be linked to people, they are opaque addresses. I guess big contract holders are simply stacking platforms.

There is no way to access the venus platform, where is a classification of those with more XVS?

This one is the Governance
And this is the Venus Treasury. Other will be Farms or big holders.