When xvs will be back at range from where it fall?


I am quite new to investment in crypto and as my bad luck, I started the day before market crash. Luckily I read many things before and so I was never into BTC and ether. I was always looking for long term alt coins which can give good return over the period of time.

I did read many things and was mostly interested in xvs, NMR and Ada.

I bought 1000$ xvs at rate of 75$ after the manipulation as I thought it will be get stable now in its average range. But it’s still crash further and I am almost 50% down.

As a quite new in it, I thought it might be bad luck. But I have enough understanding that it’s high risk high reward stuff. So you need to calm and let it rise again. As I believe in the paper and concept, I am happy to hold it for as long and it was extra money. So I am not hurry to get it back but looking at current situation, I am not even sure it it fall to 10$ one day.

So can anyone suggest when it will reach to the price before manipulation happen and what are future of the coin.