We will stop the same attackers using Guardian

Today, the same group of attackers launched a governance attack on us again. The initiator of VIP43 is from the same address of VIP42 and VIP40. They want to increase the collateral factor of SXP and XVS to 75%.

Venus’ risk framework is an evaluation system formed by a professional risk assessment team after a comprehensive analysis of assets` smart contract, counterparty and market. Increasing the collateral factor of SXP and XVS in violation of the risk assessment framework would bring serious financial risks to XVS and SXP holders on Venus Protocol.
In May 2021, after the former team increased the collateral factor of XVS and SXP to 80%, the attackers took advantage of this to launch an attack on Venus, causing serious losses to the community.

Now, based on the risk framework, we have gradually adjusted the risk parameters of various assets in the past several months, and the Venus system has returned to security mode. Now, those bad guys are trying to sabotage all the work done by Venus. Perhaps this is the beginning of another attack, but we will never allow this incident to happen again. We will use the Guardian authority to cancel the proposal.

At the same time, we will continue to advance the most important work for Venus, which includes continuing to adjust the risk parameters, developing our new XVS Vault and the VAI stability fee. We are also developing cooperation with additional excellent partners and we have also received a lot of feedback and support from the community recently.
Venus progress won’t be stopped by these attackers, let us continue to build, stronger and better, everyday.

Venus team


We will continue to build the future of Venus without respecting people who will not be taken seriously.

I give full support to Venus Team :muscle::muscle:


This current team is leading Venus in dictatorship and refusing democratic governance outcome thereby sabotaging XVS credibility as a Governance token.
This team doesn’t respect nor care about the will of largest investors of XVS token.
Increasing collateral factors gives more leeway to XVS/SXP holders, prevents premature liquidation. and in no way “would bring serious financial risks to XVS and SXP holders on Venus Protocol.”
Let it be known that Team Bravo will, in retaliation, vote AGAINST any new proposal by this team should our Voted proposal gets arbitrarily deleted !

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You are a child… isnt about governance … its clear you only care with your pocket… raising any of this coins colateral would give you extra money and put all others into risks as another smart ass could come push price of any of those and make another attack… is really that you wanna do ?(is the same thing to raise doge cf to 75%… its clear you like risks… go play futures venus looks like isnt your place at all)

Democratic is trying to steal the protocol reserves for yourself? Since when? Your last vip were pretty clear of what you wanna isnt control… you wanna steal venus community…

IF you had proposed anything decent you could really get support from the community …as well the team under Venus protocol… instead you keep being a child.


Nice to finally establish contact. Please get in touch with me on Telegram and let’s open a communication channel. I would really like to know what your real intentions are.

We do respect Investor’s but, remember what has happened in May. We simply cannot afford for another attempt at price manipulation to happen. Increasing CF for SXP and XVS does pose a risk.


We the community are strongly behind the new team, we say no to any of your proposal that will Hurt the community like the one you guys did in may, which we are still struggling to get out from, bring on a descent proposal that will benefit the community and we will support you guys

Accumulating by suppressing XVS price and saying we are big investors in Venus is not a sign of goodwill

It’s not goodwill to ask for 3.5 million XVS for free, causing chaos in the community, while the elaborate Contest details for XVS Vault are being shared.

It is not goodwill to curb the dictatorship and threaten the entire community and the future of Venus.

Although the valuation has been made according to the Risk Assessment, it is not a goodwill sign to request a CF change that may create price manipulation.

If your goal is to contribute to Venus, contact Danny, the rest is empty story


Dear Team Bravo,
I ask you to be open and let us talk in your group. Because it seems you value the investors’ voices. We want to join your group and talk to you. Clearly, playing blame game and just posting VIPs aren’t going to help any of us. Open your communication channel first. If you don’t want to work with the existing team, you should have a channel where people can come in and see what are your plans. Thanks again.


What they did and what they said just wants to satisfy their greed and selfishness.

“Greedy folk have long arms.”

SXP Should really be delisted, it is there simply because the previous team was from Swipe. Its liquidity is not enough to be a collateral asset on this platform. Lets try to delist SXP.


I have never seen such a disgusting person
Do you still want to play the May 19th event again?
Swipe just use xvs as an arbitrage tool
I feel sick when I see sxp, you just want to make money and leave.


Bravo Venus. This is the way to go.
Please keep the Guardian, don’t sacrifice it in the name of pure DAO ideology. BSC is not full Defi, it’s CeDefi. I’m good with it, those who don’t, just go to Ethereum.

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Hey team bravo.You have 1 million votes because you have a lot of money. I only have a few votes and you come to me and talk about dictatorship. Regardless of the size of our money, let your vote count and mine be equal, then let’s remove the guardian, will you? If you want democracy, here’s democracy for you

come on. if you have that much power, then pull the selling pressure and see if it really goes up to the $100 price.

Looks like you guys failed on this

I have created an account finally after being a viewer for months now just so I could upvote/like Terrence’s post. This is a turning point for this community and everybody should participate in voting and discussions. DeFi/CeDeFi is a new model, we are not used to voting about features of products we use, but the lack of participation only gives more power to the whales and scammers.

Joselito is gone, new Venus Team is developing the project, involving experts and carrying out thorough analyses before each small step. - This is a way to go. Not listening to Team Bravo’s populism.

Step in and participate!