VRT Utility Proposal

This is a collection of my ideas for integrating the VRT token into the Venus ecosystem. I believe these ideas help bridge the gap between
incentive and utility.
These ideas are in no perticular order:

The VRT Utility Ideas

1.) Holding a minimum amount of VRT in your wallet gives you exclusive early access to new coins/tokens that you can borrow/supply.

Example: holding 50k VRT in your metamask wallet will give you excluse access to borrow/supply for the token AMP, THETA, etc. Everyone else that doesnt have VRT held in their wallet, will get access to the AMP, THETA, coins/tokens 24-72 hrs afterwards.

2.) Holding tiered minimum amounts of VRT in your wallet, you will get a discount on borrowing any of the available coins/tokens.

**Example:**Holding 50k VRT gives you a 1% discount off of the current APY.
		Holding 100k VRT gives you a 1.5% discount.
		Holding 150k VRT gives you a 2% discount.

(**Example:** Borrowing SXP - Current APY 1.68% - Holding 150k VRT - 2% Discount: 1.68 - 2% = new borrowing APY 1.64%)

3.) Holding a minimum amount of VRT along with XVS gives you more weight when voting.

4.) Holding a minimum amount of VRT gives you access to NFT and new coin/token airdrops.

5.) Paying back a percentage of your loan via VRT gives you a discount on the amount you have to payback. Also paying back a piece of your loan via VRT will have 50% of that VRT burned.

6.) If Venus has an NFT Marketplace, VRT and XVS is used to buy/sell on the marketplace.
A.) However, Holding VRT in your wallet, gives you a discount when buying/selling.
B.) Paying via VRT when listing your NFTs; a portion of your VRT fees get burned.

7.) Holding a minimum tiered amount of VRT helps to reduce your risk of liquidation.

Let me know what you think.


Looks decent, regarding (1). I don’t believe that’s much of an incentive, it seems counter productive since we want people to supply and borrow immediately.
Proposed solution:
Holding VRT allows you to supply other coins (top 200coins, shit coins excluded) which we don’t normally support, to borrow any of our supplied assets. For example you have a 100 Theta, so you supply that as collateral as well as it’s equivalent value of VRT.

You forget one fact.

Single XVS token is the best for the Venus. VRT is not necessary and is a burden to the Venus. VRT will only consume big part of the resource and will add more risk to the Venus.

Not bad, but I think the main point is not about finding the utility of VRT, as what can be achieved by VRT can also be done by XVS. A single token model is easier to manage and we should focus on XVS now.