Vote funds for community marketing campeign

I believe the development team has done and is still doing a fantastic job in the area of protocol development and prioritising security and chain expansion.

Venus today is undoubtedly one of the best (I can boldly say top 3) defi protocol in the ecosystem. That is a great feat. Kudos to the dev team and the amazing community.

It is time to make this great work more visible so that the platform and protocol value can be reflective, especially for those who stake to support and ensure protocol governance is in tact.

Let the protocol set up a team of community sub-team who will be reaponsible for pushing the protocol awareness through various initiatives, including the use of influncers and deliberate community-led marketing campaigns.

A quarterly allocation can be dedicated for this, and the community will vote on marketing and publicity platforms to reach out to per quarter.

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Thank you @Obacoin. Indeed we really need it. This proposal is in the works through the Vanguard initiative proposal that will be finalized and published in the upcoming days. :slight_smile:


Great proposal! We really need marketing campaigns. I believe the team will have a detailed proposal soon