VIP-6 Venus Speed Recalibration 2



VIP-6 Venus Speed Recalibration 2

Contract Details

vBCH setVenusSpeed	Unitroller	11	0xfD36E2c2a6789Db23113685031d7F16329158384	_setVenusSpeed(address,uint256)	0x5F0388EBc2B94FA8E123F404b79cCF5f40b29176	318090277777778
vDOT setVenusSpeed	Unitroller	12	0xfD36E2c2a6789Db23113685031d7F16329158384	_setVenusSpeed(address,uint256)	0x1610bc33319e9398de5f57B33a5b184c806aD217	2544722222222220
vLINK setVenusSpeed	Unitroller	13	0xfD36E2c2a6789Db23113685031d7F16329158384	_setVenusSpeed(address,uint256)	0x650b940a1033B8A1b1873f78730FcFC73ec11f1f	1590451388888890
vDAI setVenusSpeed	Unitroller	14	0xfD36E2c2a6789Db23113685031d7F16329158384	_setVenusSpeed(address,uint256)	0x334b3eCB4DCa3593BCCC3c7EBD1A1C1d1780FBF1	2604166666666670
vFIL setVenusSpeed	Unitroller	15	0xfD36E2c2a6789Db23113685031d7F16329158384	_setVenusSpeed(address,uint256)	0xf91d58b5aE142DAcC749f58A49FCBac340Cb0343	318090277777778
vBETH setVenusSpeed	Unitroller	16	0xfD36E2c2a6789Db23113685031d7F16329158384	_setVenusSpeed(address,uint256)	0x972207A639CC1B374B893cc33Fa251b55CEB7c07	4771354166666670
VAI Vault venus speed update	Unitroller	17	0xfD36E2c2a6789Db23113685031d7F16329158384	_setVenusVAIVaultRate(uint256)	79861111111111100	


As Venus Governance, the community now has the power to control XVS distribution across markets after recent proposal (#4). This will allow the protocol to better and more efficiently manage how XVS is used to improve and further the protocol’s interests. Given that the initial XVS distribution numbers were set somewhat arbitrarily, it has become clear that it is worth resetting the parameters based on usage over the last three months. The refreshed numbers proposed will be used for A/B testing optimal XVS emission quantities in future proposals. In a forum, community has put forth reasonable suggestions that we believe would improve upon the existing values. Both of their values for XVS distribution were quite similar and we chose community numbers for three reasons:

  1. XVS market will be high APY in supply and borrow
  2. High liquidity markets and stable markets will be set as high XVS rewards community suggested
  3. Splitting each market’s XVS rewards into a fixed quantity (common to all markets) and a variable quantity makes it easy to analyze improvements in future A/B tests for incentives
Market Current Daily XVS Update Daily XVS
VAI 5529.6 2300
BCH 7.97 18.32
DOT 60.59 146.58
LINK 88.54 91.61
DAI 149.54 150.00
FIL 9.67 18.32
BETH 283.45 274.83

All markets XVS distribution will be configured with VIP-6 Please read the forum post for more details