VIP-56 MarketAcross contract Renewal


MarketAcross (the community selected PR partner of Venus Protocol), is currently up for renewal of their 3 month contract which ended on March 31st, 2022. Over the course of the engagement with MarketAcross, Venus Protocol has gotten extensive coverage in some of the leading publications in the Web3 space, and has garnered attention from the world’s leading cryptocurrency communities and personas. Some of the sample coverage, as well as an extensive report including metrics & analytics, is included in the references below.



The data points below summarize the impact achieved throughout Venus Protocol’s 3 month engagement with MarketAcross:

  • 57 Total Pieces of Coverage Total number of online, offline and social clips
  • 1.67 Billion Audience Combined total of publication-wide audience figures for all outlets featuring coverage
  • 4.66 Million Estimated Views Prediction of lifetime views of coverage, based on audience reach & engagement rate on social
  • 1.26 K Engagements Combined total of likes, comments and shares on social media platforms


In order to continue growing Venus Protocol’s market presence and share of voice, it is important to have the support of a well-connected and well-resourced partner that will enable the proliferation of Venus Protocol’s news & updates in the appropriate media outlets and communities. MarketAcross is one of the world’s leading blockchain PR firms and has worked with some of the biggest companies in the space including Binance, eToro,, Consensys, and more. Continuing the Venus Protocol <> MarketAcross relationship will reinforce the ongoing efforts to grow Venus Protocol’s market share, utilization, and active user count.


The current rate of MarketAcross’ services is € 20,000 per month. Renewing the contract for 3 months will result in a total marketing expenditure of € 60,000. In addition to this, Venus Protocol will require a € 10,000 total budget (across 3 months) for graphic & video design services to support the ongoing efforts on the marketing & community front.

The total budget request for this VIP is € 70,000.

Voting Options

For - I agree that Venus Protocol should renew the partnership with MarketAcross

Against - I do not think that Venus Protocol should renew the partnership with MarketAcross

Abstain - I am indifferent to whether that Venus Protocol should renew the partnership with MarketAcross


I believe Renew MarketAcross​:rocket::rocket::rocket:

I think 20k a month to write and push a few articles is a crazy amount of wasted money.

What is the objective of pushing so much marketing money when there has been nothing developed on the platform? Why would you want to throw money away like this. You could hire a professional SEO company for 3-7k a month which would build long term brand links and grow the website organically. Pushing nonsense articles which every one can see through seems like a waste of money.

On top of that, in a time of market pullback, money should be saved and spent wisely. Marketing in a down time of development seems like a lack of focus.

But yea, investors clearly have no say in this platform since bsc already pushed 600k free tokens to vote. Im just waiting the minutes until my voice is silenced just like everyone elses has in the chat.