VIP-32 Wave fee Failed!

I am glad this has failed, lowering Matic rewards is good but it should not be bundled with a reduction in minting fees.

We had no discussion before this proposal!

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Did have any offical VIP-32/VIP-33 “Protocol” in here?

I just see this “Waive redemption for all vTokens and VAI mint will be proposed in this proposal.”


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We have had no official conversation although the weekly recap says it is well supported lol Weekly recap

“The redemption fee waiving was widely welcomed by the community”

Nobody has said anything and the original proposal got only 400 votes

I agree.

This proposal should be split.

  1. Lower MATIC rewards.
  2. Waive fee. I don’t think we should waive the fee enitrely; we should lower or halve the fees.
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Looks like it is going through anyway, one big swinging dick controls the vote.

This post aged very well VAI has crashed and burned!

Why nobody talking about this? -8% in 30 days and nobody cares? :disappointed_relieved:

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1 address just minted $50 million in VAI.


Devs are minting and selling vai, thats why they don’t fix it they benefit from it


Absolutely.They did that.

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