VIP-3 Venus Protocol Completely Owned by Governance




VIP-3 Venus Protocol Completely Owned by Governance

Contract Details

vBCH	0x5F0388EBc2B94FA8E123F404b79cCF5f40b29176	_acceptAdmin()
vDOT	0x1610bc33319e9398de5f57B33a5b184c806aD217	_acceptAdmin()
vLINK	0x650b940a1033B8A1b1873f78730FcFC73ec11f1f	_acceptAdmin()
vDAI	0x334b3eCB4DCa3593BCCC3c7EBD1A1C1d1780FBF1	_acceptAdmin()
vFIL	0xf91d58b5aE142DAcC749f58A49FCBac340Cb0343	_acceptAdmin()
vBETH	0x972207A639CC1B374B893cc33Fa251b55CEB7c07	_acceptAdmin()


Venus has now launched Venus Governance so that the protocol will be fully operated by the XVS community. Venus vBCH, vDOT, vLINK, vDAI, vFIL and vBETHOwnership will be transferred to Timelock and GovernorAlpha and thereafter the Venus community will take over Venus Protocol Ownership when this proposal will be executed.

Every venusians who has XVS can upvote or downvote with their XVS voting weight to this proposal and execute a proposal after voting period will be completed.

A proposal will require 300,000 XVS to be initiated and the proposal must reach, at a minimum, 600,000 XVS quorum to be approved.

All ownership completely transferred to Governance from now.

Enjoy your voting in Venus Improvement Proposal 3!

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Last VIP for fully decentralization, cool.

Congrats community!

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