VIP-2 VTokens Ownership Transfer To Governance




VIP-2 VTokens Ownership Transfer To Governance

Contract Details

vUSDC	0xecA88125a5ADbe82614ffC12D0DB554E2e2867C8	_acceptAdmin()
vUSDT	0xfD5840Cd36d94D7229439859C0112a4185BC0255	_acceptAdmin()
vBUSD	0x95c78222B3D6e262426483D42CfA53685A67Ab9D	_acceptAdmin()
vSXP	0x2fF3d0F6990a40261c66E1ff2017aCBc282EB6d0	_acceptAdmin()
vXVS	0x151B1e2635A717bcDc836ECd6FbB62B674FE3E1D	_acceptAdmin()
vBNB	0xA07c5b74C9B40447a954e1466938b865b6BBea36	_acceptAdmin()
vBTC	0x882C173bC7Ff3b7786CA16dfeD3DFFfb9Ee7847B	_acceptAdmin()
vETH	0xf508fCD89b8bd15579dc79A6827cB4686A3592c8	_acceptAdmin()
vLTC	0x57A5297F2cB2c0AaC9D554660acd6D385Ab50c6B	_acceptAdmin()
vXRP	0xB248a295732e0225acd3337607cc01068e3b9c10	_acceptAdmin()


Venus has now launched Venus Governance so that the protocol will be fully operated by the XVS community. Venus vUSDC, vUSDT, vBUSD, vSXP, vXVS, vBNB, vBTC, vETH, vLTC and vXRP Ownership will be transferred to Timelock and GovernorAlpha and thereafter the Venus community will take over Venus Protocol Ownership when this proposal will be executed.

Every venusians who has XVS can upvote or downvote with their XVS voting weight to this proposal and execute a proposal after voting period will be completed.

A proposal will require 300,000 XVS to be initiated and the proposal must reach, at a minimum, 600,000 XVS quorum to be approved.

Enjoy your voting in Venus Improvement Proposal 2!

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