VIP-1 Governance Launch




VIP-1 Governance Launch

Contract Details

Unitroller	0xfD36E2c2a6789Db23113685031d7F16329158384	_acceptAdmin()

VAIUnitroller	0x004065D34C6b18cE4370ced1CeBDE94865DbFAFE	_acceptAdmin()

VAIVaultProxy	0x0667Eed0a0aAb930af74a3dfeDD263A73994f216	_acceptAdmin()


Venus has now launched Venus Governance so that the protocol will be fully operated by the XVS community. Venus Unitroller, VAIUnitroller and VAIVaultProxy Ownership will be transferred to Timelock and GovernorAlpha and thereafter the Venus community will take over Venus Protocol Ownership when this proposal will be executed.

Every venusians who has XVS can upvote or downvote with their XVS voting weight to this proposal and execute a proposal after voting period will be completed.

A proposal will require 300,000 XVS to be initiated and the proposal must reach, at a minimum, 600,000 XVS quorum to be approved.

Enjoy your voting in Venus Improvement Proposal 1!