VenusYield v0.1

Hi Venus community,

I am happy to share with you a Windows Desktop app in which I have been working these days.

The aim of this “VenusYield” APP is to warn you through a Telegram message when your Supply/Borrow/Mint ratio is outside a given percentage in order to avoid a liquidation.

“VenusYield” is released as an open source software developed in Visual C# 16.9; Compile it for yourself or download the packed Windows 10 executable here VenusYield v0.1 → Is absolutely clean but “Don´t trust. Verify”.

Now, let me show you how it looks like and how it works:

*Keep in mind that, this is an example balance and unfortunately not my real one… :expressionless:

“VenusYield” lists all supported assets on “Venus Protocol” and gets information from a given (Settings) BSC Public Wallet Address.
Note#1: Remember, never-ever share your private key or your mnemonic phrase!

Then it fetches information from different places:

  • Price vTokens: Binance API (USDT pairs)(real-time) → Wanted to extract it from there to gain some reaction time against ‘Venus Price Oracle’.
  • Price StableCoins: Venus API
  • Supply/Borrow/Mint/Vault: Querying (Web3) Binance Smartchain with Nethereum .Net library and using the Binance free ‘BSCendpoint’.
  • Limit: Calculation is given by (TotalBorrowInUSD + BorrowVAI + VAIvault) / (TotalSupplyInUSD * 0.6);

Let´s have an eye on ‘Settings’:


  • BSC Public Address: Put Public BEP20 Wallet Address in here and remember Note#1.
  • Borrow Reporting and Refresh Rate will give you some freedom for tuning alerts. Try to no overexpose yourself too much…

Finally, let´s cover Telegram reporting:
If you created a Telegram-Bot in advance it will be straightforward, in case you didn´t, here you have some basic info from their API:

  • Install Telegram
  • Add as a contact to Telegram ‘BotFather’ (check the verified symbol)
  • Create a Bot using the command ‘/newbot’
  • Name it and copy the given “HTTP API” on the ‘Telegram Bot’ field (VenusYield APP)
  • Click on the Link for your Bot given by ‘BotFather’ and write a Hi!
  • Click on “Get ID” button (VenusYield APP) and a number will appear on the box.

Information is ‘autosaved’ so just close that window. Config file (VenusYield.json) is stored locally in your computer, never shared but… ‘Don´t trust. Verify’.

After some seconds you will see your Venus Yield information!

And remember:

  • Never-ever share your private key or your mnemonic phrase!
  • Don´t trust. Verify.

Link to Github

Fell free to share your thoughts/requests/doubts.

Best regards! :slight_smile:


Hi Man

Nice tool but seems to be a glitch with the borrow limit, on venus showing 78% and in your app 86%

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Hi there, thanks for reporting. A user called Yake reported me the same in twitter. Maybe are you Vaulting VAIs that where not minted by you on Venus but bought ?

Ah yes have done that could you maybe add a field to subtract bought vai

Great so issue confirmed. I am gonna put my hands on it. Thanks for reporting :relaxed:

Should be now fixed on v0.2 :slight_smile:
I am wating for edit privileges on forum to update main topic according but this is change list:
CHANGES from v0.1 to v0.2

  • fixed wrong calculation on Limit% when VAI in Vault is different from VAI Minted (thanks @YongeNoodle & @sosolean for reporting)
  • fixed issue when updating settings during a balance update (thanks @mikibighead for reporting)

found it here:

Best regards!

update working great :slight_smile:

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Great, I am happy for you! :relaxed::v:

Venusians to celebrate today ATH price ($61) and TVL (>$2.9B) I have just pushed [#VenusYield] v0.3 WinAPP to GitHub

Changes: Added additional BSCendpoints and improved Thread management.

Best regards! :slight_smile:

Awesome bro, thanks for that.

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thanks mate! :blush:

#Venusians !! #VenusYield has been upgraded to v0.4 on #github

  • Added $ADA @cardano as per VIP-9
  • Added ‘/report’ command for #TelegramBOT (more will be coming soon!)


Will you make a Mac version ?

Could you please add CAKE as per VIP-34?