Venus Team, where is the VRT to XVS converter?!?!

Im really disappointed. I have TONS of VRT. I bought XVS at $140 to get it. We obviously know how that went…

I have been holding all this time hoping I dont lose my @$$. Please take care of us and honor what you said about the converter.

I wont even mention all of the NFTs I have that are worthless…

Zero comments, really? This sucks. I have lost an insane amount of money with Venus.

Don’t worry.
Danny replied that the release is scheduled for this month.

in Telegram(Telegram: Contact @venusprotocol)

Msfaith, [2022/01/10 0:44]
Hello, I have still some VRT in my metamask. Can I swap them to XVS? I can’t find any swap page. Thanks.

🅳🅰🅽🅽🆈 Global Deputy | @venusprotocol, [2022/01/10 0:47]
[In reply to Msfaith]
Not yet. This feature will be released this month.

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Did he say anything about VAI?

Thank god!
And thank you for the update!

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The same is scheduled for release this month.

Eric, [2022/01/15 3:35]
Hi , what was said in Community Call about Vai Stability Fee? Any news?

🅳🅰🅽🅽🆈 Global Deputy | @venusprotocol, [2022/01/15 3:40]
[In reply to Eric]
The DEV team is now resolving an issue with the comptroller size that blocks XVS distributions to delinquent accounts + VAI stability fee + liquidation incentive.

Once this is resolved, all three will be released! It should be done before the end of the month as planned and announced last week.