Venus Protocol Weekly Update W41/2021

Dear Venus Community,

There aren’t much news this week. All work on Venus Protocol is ongoing normally.



Vault-based governance upgrade scenarios are in progress, the vault code is queued and waiting for the audit company.


The work on VAI stability fee is on-going and progressing.

Venus NFTs

In addition to Arker, more partners have begun to prepare use cases for Venus NFT’s. Dinosaur Eggs is one of them ( The specifics and details will be disclosed as soon as they’ve completed designing their plans/economics for Venus NFTs.

Risk parameter

The specific adjustment plan is being tested internally.

Business Development & Marketing

The many collaborations we mentioned last week are a work in progress, and we look forward to revealing more details with the community soon.

Venus key data this week. (Week41)

Venus Metrics Data WoW
Average Total Liquidity 4.3B$ 12.9%
Average Total Borrows 1.1B$ 30%
Average Available Liquidity 2.7B$ 5.9%
Average Utilisation 34.2% -2.6%