Venus Protocol Weekly Update W35/2021

Dear Venus Community,

This week, a VIP with a lot of content has been submitted. We are continuing to adjust the risk parameters of assets and will introduce more assets soon.

The main development work of the new Vault has been completed, and we are making various preparations for its official launch very soon.


With the completion of the Vault development, we are conducting an internal audit, and we believe it will go live on time, as previously scheduled.

There are additional partners that wish to participate in the new Vault launch event and it will include more prizes than initially planned. We are still finalizing the details. It will take a few days to complete everything and share the details with our XVS holders.

The VAI Peg solution is being reviewed and studied internally, we hope to share with the community as soon as possible once it is confirmed.


Venus Vault

All development work has been completed, an internal audit is underway, and an external audit will be starting soon.

Evaluation of the new tokens

In the newly submitted VIP39, we will bring AAVE in Venus, which we believe will introduce many precise DeFi lending users and increase the TVL of Venus.

Risk Parameters

In VIP39, we have adjusted the risk parameters of XVS, SXP and BNB, and Venus’ daily XVS emission will be reduced.

Shortfall Recovery

Discussion about shortfall recovery plan is done with Binance institutional service desk. The execution will start next week and a detailed report will be provided monthly in the next 12-18 months.


We are in contact with some GameFi projects who hope to introduce the use of Venus NFT in their products.

Business Development

Cooperation negotiations with more partners are in progress Including TUSD whose arrival will bring more TVL to Venus. In addition, some of our partners have expressed that they will provide sponsorships for the launch of the new Vault, the specific details will be announced after finalizing negotiations.


Professional marketing for Venus, follow-up marketing and promotion of Venus will start soon with the release of the new Vault and Tokenomics.

DeFireX stuck funds recovery

Regarding the return of DeFireX funds, we have initiated a Draft proposal.

The DeFireX team is grateful to the Venus team for their help in releasing funds issue!

DeFireX is also going to support the Venus protocol initiative in the new XVS Vaults launch, and add this and many other Venus-based pools to the site.

Venus key data this week. (Week35)

Venus Metrics Data WoW
Average Total Liquidity 3.95B$ -2.2%
Average Total Borrows 1.4B$ -4.2%
Average Available Liquidity 2.72B$ -1.1%
Average Utilisation 35% +1%