Venus Protocol Weekly Update W34/2021

Dear Venus Community,

This week, we adjusted the risk parameters and reward amounts of some assets and transferred some funds for the shortfall. Other important work is also proceeding as usual.


The development of Venus Vault has been completed and testing has begun! In addition, we also started to evaluate a new batch of assets. When the evaluation and testing are over, Venus will introduce new assets.
For VAI, combined with the suggestions of community users, we have put forward some solutions to the problem internally, and the risk team and dev team are currently evaluating the solutions.

This week, our marketing efforts are also continuing. On Friday, we partnered with Aave to conduct a live broadcast in the largest crypto community in China.


Venus Vault
The development of Venus Vault is progressing smoothly, the functions are now complete, and we are testing it. We remain optimistic about launching this feature in September.

Evaluation of the new tokens

We are evaluating a series of new tokens, and it is expected that VIPs for new asset additions will be launched next week, which will introduce more users and funds to Venus.
Risk Parameters
This week, we adjusted the reward amount of SXP and DAI’s interest rate curve through VIP.


For VAI, we have put forward a set of solutions internally and discussed with some community users, including Ben and Alex. The program is currently being evaluated by the risk team and the dev team.


This week, we collaborated with one of the most well-known Defi projects, Aave, to conduct a live broadcast in Bihu, China’s largest crypto community. The live broadcast lasted 2 hours, attracted more than 4,000 crypto users, and received thousands of comments and questions.

If you are careful, you will find that we also adopted a better design style on Twitter.


Cooperation negotiations with more partners are in progress, and the specific details will be disclosed after confirmation.

DefireX stuck funds recovery

We are helping DefireX solve its stuck funds problem and the issue should be resolved soon. More details will be announced later.

Venus key data this week.(Week34)

Venus Metrics Data WoW
Average Total Liquidity 4.0B$ -4.7%
Average Total Borrows 1.4B$ -1.4%
Average Available Liquidity 2.8B$ -3.5%
Average Utilisation 34% +3%