Venus Protocol Weekly Update W30/2021

Venus Protocol Weekly Update W30/2021

Dear Venus Community,

This week, we have moved closer to solve several important and strategic problems, including the new interest rate curve model, and the first draft of the Venus tokenomics model. Both of these proposals will affect the future of Venus and have a long-term and far-reaching positive impact. We are currently collecting the final internal feedback from Venus key coordinators and hope to make the proposal easier for the community to understand after it is released. In addition, Venus’ product development, BD cooperation, and recruitment of key positions are also proceeding normally.


The biggest challenge at the moment will be the release of the Venus tokenomics model and a series of development work based on this proposal. The tokenomics model will determine how Venus multiple participants will collaborate together for a long time to come, and ensure the balance of growth, safety and sustainability of Venus. After discussing and finalizing the first draft of the plan with external tokenomics model experts and risk teams, we are expanding the scope of consultation and providing richer plan details. What is still certain is that XVS will be the primary token of Venus.


Venus Tokenomics

As mentioned above, after soliciting opinions from the community leaders and discussing with external consultants, we have designed a version of Venus tokenomics plan. We are currently expanding the scope of collecting feedback and hope to provide more theoretical and data details for this plan as soon as possible.

XVS Vault

The development of the Venus vault is still in progress. As the key staking, reward and governance function of Venus in the future, most of its development work has been completed. Considering that it is an important part of the Venus tokenomics, there are many details that need to wait for the final approval of the tokenomics model to be developed.

Interest Rate Curve Model

The V1 version of the new interest rate curve model has been completed, and the final round of internal discussions is in progress. It will be released publicly within 1-2 days. After the plan is officially implemented, it will effectively improve Venus liquidity and effectively increase the income capacity of the protocol.

New Token Markets

The VIP proposal to add CAKE to Venus is being voted on, and soon users will be able to use Cake as collateral in Venus.

Waive Redemption Fee

The proposal to cancel the Waive Redemption Fee has been passed. We are communicating with external partners on this news, and we look forward to more funds being deposited into Venus soon.

Transaction History on UI

We are developing the transfer record display function on the Venus interface, which will enhance the user experience in Venus and make it easier for everyone to keep track of their transactions.

Grant and bounty program

We are discussing and designing a series of sponsorship programs for community developers, including the development of third-party tools, bug bounty programs, etc.

BD, PR and Marketing

We are in ongoing communication with many partners on BSC to increase Venus TVL and capital utilization.

Considering that Venus will go through many big and positive changes in the near future, including the tokenomics model and interest rate curve, we are in contact with many media agencies and various communities. We plan on having more AMAs and more publicity. At the same time, we are also evaluating external blockchain marketing agencies to improve our efficiency and outreach.

Venus key data this week(Week30)

Venus Metrics Data WoW
Average Total Liquidity 3.0B$ 15.4%
Average Total Borrows 1.1B$ 10.0%
Average Available Liquidity 1.9B$ 26.67%
Average Usilisation 37.6% -6.5%