Venus Protocol Usability Suggestions

Hello everyone, open this post so that active users can provide suggestions to improve the usability of the protocol and make it simpler for everyone. I tried to approach it from the scientific method to express myself in a serious way, it is simply a debate with views to the future. I’m not part of the development team, just a simple user of the protocol, but pretty sure that suggestions poured here can help to make the protocol better for everyone .


What? : - Failures in communication about the usability and information of the protocol, this slows down the entry of new users and the investment of active users.

Why? : - Difficulty using the protocol and lack of information for users, if the user doesn’t know or understand the protocol, investment opportunities are lost in it.

For whom?: - Active users and potential users. Small and large investors alike.

For what? : - Strengthen active users positive experience and attract new users. Scalability.
- Simplify the usability of the protocol and make it easier for users.
- Improve users confidence in the protocol. More transparency and trust means more users.

How?: The idea of publishing it here is that everyone can provide suggestions on how to improve the use of the protocol and can also make visible problems that go against its usability.

My suggestions on how to improve the communication and information provided actually by the protocol:

1- Include links to social media in the official platforms (web page “” + app & dapp). Include in all platforms visible icons of social media (twitter, IG, Youtube, etc) with links to the Venus Protocol channel on each social media.

Users need to be able to learn how to use the protocol and get their news from the official media, but if these are not included in the official platforms, there may be a communication failure since it will be the user who has to investigate to find the channels.

Helping the user to find information from the official platforms is to simplify the protocol development process.

The icons could always be visible on all platforms (it would be essential on the web page). In the app and dapp they could be included in at least one visible “contact” or “learn” tab.
I’ve been researching the Venus Protocol YouTube channel and it is really useful to learn about the protocol, but I had to do some research on my own to find it. Let’s help the user find this channel through the official platforms so they don’t lose interest in the protocol. The tutorials about the protocol on YouTube seem to me to be the most effective way for the user to learn how to use the protocol and lose their fear of using it.

And, since we all live in different parts of the world, we can’t always attend AMAs. Active users are interested in news about the future of the protocol, but we cannot always be present for various reasons. It would be very helpful if the videos were posted on YouTube so that we can all be better informed. It is more effective if the information could be available 24/7 on the web.

2- Include roadmap on the web page. Include important metrics on all official platforms.

Users care about transparency and easy access to information. The team is trying to send metrics by email, but it seems to me that it is not the most effective way, the information runs the risk of being lost or not being taken into account because it could be considered spam. All that information should be within the official platforms, which is where the action happens.

Including the protocol summaries as documents within the web, app and dapp in some section would help. Including graphs in real time of important metrics would also help (new wallets, active wallets, total transactions, transaction costs, etc). The total locked in the vaults is also important but that information is already available in the app and dapp.

It may also help as a first step to include the links to bscscan from the protocol tokens for external reading of the metrics and on-chain data.

3- Some section of notifications about the next VIPs, current VIPs, new protocol summaries and relevant information.

This can be a more difficult suggestion to make from the programming, make the protocol notify about new important events. But it should be taken into account, in summary it would be the protocol that should notify the user about next events and not be the user who should be investigating about the protocol next steps.

4 - Having the possibility of translating the app & dapp into other languages, I don’t think it’s a possibility in the short term but it should be in the plans, this would make it possible to reach a much larger worlwide audience.

Please understand this conversation as a space to make constructive suggestions that can help the protocol in the future to improve and stand out. DeFi can help all people in the world to be more free, but to achieve this is necessary that everyone can access and know how to use it in a simple way. If the user finds the protocol simple and satisfying, it will be easy to recommend it to other new users.

Feel free to comment. Happy holidays for all!


Its a new year 2023, Venus at it.