Venus Protocol - poor leadership

The issue is that the protocol is designed to benefit the developers and the Borrowers first and foremost. These people have had more than five months to accumulate free XVS and have routinely dumped on the market. Further, they unroll gestures like the airdrop and the ‘upcoming burn’ in the aim of luring new investors. Borrowing the governance token should not be permitted.

I don’t think we’d suffer the market dips as extremely if these concerns were addressed in a timely manner. There would be a lot more certainty around the asset. We’ve been voicing these concerns since February. No protocol has been given this many chances!


cant believe that they didn’t fix it yet.

if you ask this on telegram you get banned without a warning.


Yep. Seems like there is a dedicated team of content moderators across the protocol’s social media channels.


Don’t criticize too acute!
the venus office group ban people , now the venus governance tg also ban people…i don’t know ~

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Don’t forget this, if Binance pull their Bitcoin in TVL, it’s over -