Venus prime left 18 tokens

Hi moderator,

I’ve staked my XVS and have days to go before I am eligible for the prime token.

That said, there’s a token left on the page. Is the token left based on token issued or based on XVS greater than 1k stake.

It’s because if i am not eligible after waiting 90 days, it would have wasted my time and unfortunately cause me to churn.

thanks for you reply and clarifications in advance

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It’s a 1st come 1st served basis but don’t worry. Some Prime tokens get burned weekly so you’ll be able to claim yours. There are 23 tokens left to be claimed which means, if yo claim first, you’re in. If not, you may need to wait a few extra days to grab yours.

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Will the number of prime token 500 be increased in the future?

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