Venus Prime Deployment Proposal for Ethereum Mainnet


This proposal outlines the deployment of Venus Prime on Ethereum Mainnet. The objective is to enhance user engagement and market participation through a sustainable rewards system, leveraging the protocol’s revenue to provide organic incentives.


  • Total estimated budget for the first quarter: $240,000

Market Allocation:

  • WBTC_Core: 7%
  • USDC_Core: 7%
  • USDT_Core: 7%
  • WETH_LiquidStakedETH: 79%


Venus Prime is an incentive program designed to enhance user engagement and market activity within the Venus Protocol. By leveraging the protocol’s revenue, Venus Prime offers sustainable rewards using tokens from the same market, to eligible $XVS holders through a unique, non-transferable Soulbound Token.

For more information about Venus Prime, please refer to the protocol documentation : Venus Prime.

Performance Metrics from BNB Chain Deployment after initial 6 months:

  • Total Supply Increase:
    • Absolute: $418,150,861
    • Relative: 305%
  • Total Borrow Increase:
    • Absolute: $126,809,281
    • Relative: 400%
  • XVS Vault Staked Amount:
    • Increase: $6,500,000 to $7,100,000
    • Relative Increase: 8.3%

Proposed Allocation for Ethereum Mainnet:

Market Allocation:

  • WBTC_Core: 7%
  • USDC_Core: 7%
  • USDT_Core: 7%
  • WETH_LiquidStakedETH: 79%

The token allocations are based on the revenue each market has accrued and the distribution used on the BNB Chain, which has stabilized over time. The following table summarizes the revenue generated by each market:

Market Revenue Proportion
USDT_Core $9,400 7.8%
USDC_Core $8,500 7.0%
WETH_LiquidStakedETH $94,000 77.6%
WBTC_Core $9,300 7.7%


  • Estimated Initial Budget: $40,000
  • Initial Boost: $200,000
  • Total Estimated Budget for Q1: $240,000

Given that this deployment is the initial phase for Venus Prime on Ethereum Mainnet, it is crucial to offer competitive rewards to attract and incentivize users. An initial boost of $200,000 is necessary to ensure the program’s success by providing substantial rewards that will drive user participation and engagement. This strategic investment will help establish a strong foundation for Venus Prime, facilitating significant growth in supply and borrow activities similar to the results observed on the BNB Chain.


*The estimated budget considers revenues for June 14, 2024, and a reserve allocation of 20% for Prime rewards.

*The amounts will be converted if the proposal is approved, based on the allocation indicated for each market above.

*The market allocations will be adjusted based on initial results and market conditions.


The Venus Prime program has shown impressive performance, significantly increasing user engagement and market participation. Deploying Venus Prime on Ethereum Mainnet aims to replicate these successes, leveraging the protocol’s sustainable rewards system to drive growth and enhance user experience


Yes! We need Venus Prime on Ethereum Mainnet