Venus liqudiation idea

Dear Venus community, i have a very good idea to people earn money more fair from liquidations , olso this idea will prevent manipulations on barrowing/supplying on venus ,

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    Guys please like/reply this idea, both swipers and swipe swap liquidity providers will benefit from that idea, olso venus protocol will be more secure, and burns will rise :slight_smile:

Firstly, if people getting liquidation on venus, we can just make it to handle swipe swap automatically, to be more clear

So alice barrowed 1000 busd, then she will liqudate with 900 usd worth of coins.
%10 bonus to earn one liquidator is very unfair and it depends on speed , olso its un secure with cases like can token.

But if swipe swap automatically liquidates people with calculating price impact before liquidation, network will be more safe,
And we got %10 bonus.
After minus price impact and liquidity provider fee from that bonus, the liquidity providers to swipe swap can earn %9 of that bonus, and we can market buy sxp automatically with smart contract from swipe swap burn other %1 sxp ,

With this idea , swipers will get benefit from venus + protocol will be more safe ( cause there will be not case if there is no liquidators, it will automatically liquidate ) olso system will calculate price impact before every liquidation so we can liqudate early& dynamically depends on the barrow/supply amount and price impact on swipe swap

Olso swipe swap liqudity providers will earn more , so more users , providers

Thanks, venus community for reading and listening me i hope all swipers&venus lovers will like this idea, i will post same on venus community forum too :wink:

Please like and reply this idea for venus developer team see it