launch app withdraw

Hi Guys
i have already problem with launch app!
I can’t access and withdraw my token, can somebody help me please.

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Could you describe your problem more precisely?

If you feel comfortable with posting: what is your wallets address?

What kind of token do you want to withdraw?
Have you lend other crypto against the tokens you want to withdraw?
Or would you like to withdraw XVS from the VAULT?


i have trust wallet, and i want to withdraw my venus Token, 12 Token are already ready to withdraw i mean 7 days lockpriod is over ! but thats dosenot work.
i have staked my Venus Token, on vault and now i want them back.

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So you connected your wallet, you clicked on vault, choosen the xvs vault, and you see 12 XVS in the section that is labeled “Withdrawable amount”?
Is the field greyed out?

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no its blau,but i click and i should wait but its doesnot work,nothing happens.
actually i not to able to wihtdraw, not to claim reward and not to request to withdraw!

Do you have a stuck transaction? / Haben Sie vielleicht eine vorherige nicht ausgeführte Transaktion?

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niein, ich habe keine voherige Transaktionen, ich habe letzten nur versucht 12 Token zurück zu kriegen, ich habe es beantragt, und hatte ich 7Tage warten sollen, nun ist die Zeit schon vorbei, aber Seit gestern funktioniert gar nichts in diesem Portal.

Strange… I don’t use wallet connect, so I can’t be of much assistance if the problem is related to trust wallet. And I don’t think it is related to the design changes… Have you tried to clear the cache?

Seltsam… Ich nutze trust wallet nicht, daher kann ich leider nicht sagen, ob es ein durch wallet connect verursachtes problem ist. Mit den design-änderungen hat es wahrscheinlich nichts zu tun.
Haben Sie schon versucht den cache zu leeren?

alright i will try this way.
Thank you for helping i aprreciate🙏🏼

problem is solved bro😊

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Great! Grüße aus dem Schwabenland :wink:

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