VENUS IMPROVEMENT PROPOSAL (VIP) - Allocate some of the treasury to employ some more developers

This proposal is about using the $13.5m treasury to hire some devs to get some new features deployed.

It is no secret that Venus is stagnating, with simple features taking an eternity to deploy, we don’t need to re invent the wheel as there are many projects already iterating and showing what works.

I would suggest paying someone from Maker or compound to help increase the TVL and deploy the stability fee, it is quite ridiculous that we have been waiting over a year for this feature.

Venus finance was a great landing page for the project with Mike doing great work, I would be in favour of paying him to resurrect this dashboard failing that we should hire some devs, that can do the task.

How much of the treasury should we assign to new developer(s)?

  • Use all the treasury
  • Use some of the treasury
  • Use none of the treasury
  • Give up now Venus is a failed project anyway!

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I think a couple of mill could go a long way!

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