Venus.Finance Grant Proposal

Dear Venus community

For many of the Venus users, Venus.Finance has quickly become the go-to dAPP for interacting with the Venus protocol. Venus Finance provides all the tools necessary for the user to supply, borrow, monitor and liquidate accounts with a beautiful and easy to use UI. It also supports a large variety of wallets and it’s core functionality, like supplying and borrowing assets, is directly interacting with the BSC blockchain without the need for a third-party API.

Venus.Finance is a very secure, complete and reliable frontend interface for the daily use of Venus and we are proposing to grant the Developer of the website the sum of USD $60,000 which will allow Venus.Finance to stay online and continue providing a secure platform for the community to interact with the Venus protocol and further improve the overall user experience for the next 12 months.

Also, all major updates, like the introduction of XVS Vault and the future new assets, will be supported and integrated into the platform. For the time being Venus Finance will also stay closed source. One of the main reasons behind this decision is to prevent bad actors impersonating the real and to keep it away from the competitors. After 1 year, together with the Venus protocol, this decision will be re-evaluated.

Venus Team


Great News!! :blush::blush::blush:
Venus Protocol cannot be understood without Venus.Finance website !!


Yes, the work it took to make happen must be crazy.


I’m happy with this proposal, has been amazingly useful for us


This proposal is a good idea, but ONLY if the Venus platform could get the ownership of source code and license for future use and modification.

It may be closed source for a while, but it should be opened later for everyone.


Excellent way to support the development of this great platform. I use it all the time! :yellow_heart:

This is good news!!!

Great proposal. Lets do it.

lets go, i like it. good choice.

I agree, making it open source for the community is a must if it gets a grant. The reason .finance even exists it because it innovated on .io
if it is open source we might see an even greater venus someday where someone builds on .finance ,if it is open source the community can also help the dev with the workload.

Great use of funds. This guy has been doing the go to app for a while now. Make him a full time player and let him develop other features.

Open source and controlled in the Venus protocol’s github is the prerequisite!