Venus BSC Validator reward model Upgrade

Original Proposal:

“The #Venus #BSC Validator program will enable ~45%+ #BNB single asset Vaults on @VenusProtocol. $vBNB holders will receive their proportional amount of transaction fees earned for blocks validated on #BinanceSmartChain & what they earn for supplying #BNB

Requested/Proposed Changes

==> The airdrop encourages a short term holding of XVS, but what we need is middle/long term incentive to hold XVS.

Rewards should be split 50/50 between XVS suppliers and BNB suppliers and a minimum amount of 50 XVS Tokens should be supplied to the protocol in order to be eligible to receive the Venus BSC Validator rewards.

This will encourage more XVS holdings and better rewards while also being accessible to the vast majority of XVS Holders and Suppliers.


Agree mate. It’s so strange why only shared to BNB suppliers. Hey i put both BNB and XVS as supply collateral, so it’s clear that i am not against the original proposal here. But this XVS is the governance token of Venus, so it’s a big question mark why the reward is not being given to XVS suppliers. Plus this will increase the value and function of holding XVS token in Venus.


Totally agreed. BSC Validator reward should also be shared among XVS hodlers.


These rewards should be divided to three parts. One for vBNB holders, two for vXVS holders and others for risk margins for liquidation.

so true man,

why only benefit BNB holders?

we should get some % too

I agree with above comments, the bsc validator program should benefit both xvs and bnb hodlers! 50% reward to xvs and 50% to bnb hodlers would be great!

When is this going to take effect? I cant wait! I am definitely bringing over more BNB for this.

hasn’t been voted on yet

Oh wow. That sucks. Then why did they tweet about it already?
How long do you think it will take to put into effect?

this proposal must be put in the current roadmap but in addition to increasing the apy it may have a fee that serves to repurchase xvs to burn it

IMHO, as a BNB and XVS holder, I don’t see why XVS holders should get 50% of BNB BSC Validator staking rewards? What would be the incentive to stake my BNB on Venus when I can stake directly at the other BSC validators and not give up 50%?

It would be more realistic for XVS stakers to receive the validator fees charged for the BSC validator. Something in the 3-8% range fee is competitive, and that can go back to XVS/Venus stakers and the remainder should be given to the BNB stakers.

The cost of 1 BNB is significantly more expensive than 1 XVS, and BNB has much more strength and stability than XVS. I like and own both tokens, but splitting 50% of my BNB staking when paying significantly more for BNB, doesn’t make sense.

50% of the profits should be used to pay back the debt, buy back and burn XVS.

This was over 3 months ago is there any update on this?


No. %50 rewards would just used for buyback xvs from market and directly give to vxvs holders would be more fair and good for xvs price

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Where are we with this proposal?

Any news on the BSC Validator & revenue sharing?

This is a dead idea. The old team was going to do it but really I think they were just pumping before they dumped.

we should pick this up, I have moved my BNB to CREAM finance which is doing validator job and thus provide a higher return on BNB supply. Venus is at a better position to do this as it has more BNB reserve.

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Yeah that would be nice but I think the team here has a lot on its plate already. I had moved all of my BNB over to Venus when I read the tweet initially but its all off now

You would get more if you delegated directly Cream is giving 4.5% you can get Between 5.2% - 8.69% on Binance

and 10%+ if you delegate directly.

On lending platform, you get both staking rewards and lending yield, which can be higher than delegating. Also you are not locked for 7 days without rewards when you withdraw. In additional, you can borrow asset at the same time with you BNB staked in lending platform. So lending platform doing staking is the best place for BNB holders.

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I like to diversify, Im getting around 20% on my BNB on Trust Wallet and its safe there. On Venus, im not so sure. They need to get their shit figured out asap!