Venus Ambassador Program

Since the beginning of the decentralization of the Venus Protocol, we have felt that the community is a fundamental part of our long-term success. Since then, many of us have proved that we were right, by posting on social media, creating tutorials or helping newcomers, you did it all because you believed in the vision of a better Venus. I see this and propose to include in the center of our debates a proposal to create a program of Ambassadors for Venus, and to our delight, many of us have already performed this role unofficially. They are professionals, enthusiasts passionate about technology and blockchain, from diverse cultural backgrounds and disciplines, among which, some will be chosen and rewarded for their efforts.

Venus Ambassadors: What do they do?

Ambassadors may choose to help in a variety of ways, such as creating content, translating publications or even our white paper, promoting the protocol on social networks, and to eliminate language barriers for some people, and further expand the Protocol more, ambassadors also direct unofficial Telegram groups to guide and answer questions from new users of the protocol around the world. To achieve greater synergy, our ambassadors will have a unique opportunity to collaborate and work as a team, and to deliver more compelling stories, ambassadors will work side by side with the creators of visual content.

Depending on your contribution, selected ambassadors will be rewarded with XVS, VAI or SXP tokens in the total amount of $ 600 per month.