Value of borrowing vs minting VAI

What is the value of borrowing an asset, rather than minting VAI? I know that currently there is no fee for minting VAI. In the future we are going to have to pay for having or minting VAI, but why would someone choose another asset to borrow, rather than just minting VAI? What you have to pay back would be greater with borrowing, so why not just mint VAI and trade it on another platform for the asset that you would have borrowed on VENUS, or another asset that you are interested in?

If everyone just mints VAI, how would we be able to get the fees needed to provide interest to our suppliers, if no one even wants to borrow them in the first place? Everyone would just supply and not borrow.

Am i missing something very simple? Thank you

I am not clear on this also. In some cases the APY on borrowing is negative. So, in that case it seems to me that it would be even better to borrow than mint at 0% stability fee. But I am not sure how this works, and I can’t seem to find any documentation that answers this, but I am not sure where to look. (other than the source code, which I won’t understand)