Valhalla, to the Venus

Hello Venusians.

As an integral architect of the Venus Protocol and a pioneer within the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem, I am excited to introduce a groundbreaking initiative designed to significantly enhance the BSC landscape. Leveraging my expertise and insights gained from deploying the Venus Protocol, I have developed a new standard, BEP-429, which serves as the foundation for the Valhalla protocol. This innovation is specifically crafted to enrich the Venus community and extend appreciable rewards to its ardent supporters.

The core objective of Valhalla, underpinned by BEP-429, is to galvanize the Venus community by primarily rewarding Venus Prime Users, while also ensuring that Venus suppliers, alongside holders of XVS and VAI tokens, receive their deserved benefits. This initiative is not merely a token of gratitude towards our community members; it’s a strategic move aimed at fostering a more robust, inclusive, and dynamically growing BSC ecosystem.

In pursuit of this, I propose a community discussion on the official Venus platform, to deliberate on the implementation of Valhalla and the integration of the BEP-429 standard. This forum will serve as an open platform for sharing insights, addressing queries, and collaboratively shaping the future trajectory of the Venus Protocol within the BSC ecosystem.

This initiative represents a pivotal moment in our collective journey towards achieving unparalleled innovation and community engagement. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to not only advancing technological frontiers but also ensuring the prosperity and recognition of every member of our community. Through this collaborative endeavor, we aim to solidify the foundation of the Venus Protocol as a beacon of decentralized finance, driving growth, and fostering a vibrant ecosystem for all participants.