UST not supporting correct contract

For some reason I cannot deposit UST from Terra Bridge onto Venus. I got UST in this address 0x23396cF899Ca06c4472205fC903bDB4de249D6fC but it seems Venus expects UST with this address 0x3d4350cD54aeF9f9b2C29435e0fa809957B3F30a. What am I doing wrong?

I think you have to use the worm hole UST, It is very annoying as we can’t directly transfer from Binance, but Wormhole bridge is the official bridge for terra.

Isn’t Terra Bridge the official bridge for terra? Its strange we are using a different default bridge than metamask or what comes up by default if you import UST.

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Good point!

All very confusing.

For all others with this problem, there is a way to migrate without paying any fee: Portal Token Bridge (

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You have to pay gas fees on both Terra and BSC but there is no additional fee for using the service.

Gas fees won’t be much around $1 I would say, and you can pay in UST on Luna on the Terra side. For BSC you will need BNB

There actually was no UST fee as the migration occurs entirely on BSC (take the Terra Bridge wrapped UST and change it into Portal Bridge wrapped UST)

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That’s good to know!

Do you have a link for the opposite pls ?
UST Wormhole to Wrapped UST Token

Please someone help me? How I convert my UST Wormhole to Wrapped UST ??

You can convert it to normal UST directly using the bridge.

Then send it to Binance and withdraw the wrapped UST.

Haven’t done this myself so it would be worth testing with a small amount just to be sure.