Using Artificial Intelligence Application for Venus Protocol.

Using Artificial Intelligence Application for Venus Protocol.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the world’s most fascinating technologies in the eyes of the public. It seems to have the potential to change our lives in many ways, and that includes the blockchain and crypto industry.

On the surface, both AI and DeFi have the power to transform traditional financial systems through efficiency, transparency and accessibility. DeFi has changed products that are accessible to everyone, and artificial intelligence affects how we interact with these products.

Benefits for Venus Protocol Users:

A) Predictive analytics uses artificial intelligence to predict future market outcomes by analyzing historical data and applying statistical models to it. Then, artificial intelligence can improve predictive skills with machine learning over time.

B) Smart contract automation AI has the potential to increase smart contract efficiency through automation. For example, a lending protocol might use artificial intelligence to continuously monitor a lender’s level of collateral and predict potential defaults before they happen. This information can then be sent to the lending protocol. In this case, artificial intelligence will have performed a function that a smart contract would have difficulty performing.

C) The anonymity offered by DeFi services can make it more difficult to identify fraudulent behavior. AI, on the other hand, can solve this problem by looking at trends in large datasets to identify dishonest activities.

D) Support lending and receiving through credit scoring It can implement artificial intelligence-based credit scoring, which can analyze the borrower’s wallet and history and transparently assess their repayment potential.

E) Investment advice and portfolio management With transactions on most blockchains being completely transparent, there is a huge amount of data for AI to analyze and use.


  1. Establishing a team to research Defi Artificial Intelligence applications 2. The transition of the appropriate artificial intelligence applications to the testnet stage


Being able to adapt to rapidly developing blockchain technologies should be the most important motivation of Venus Protocol. will always be open to innovations and will make it more known and recognized in the public. In addition, more reliable and easy-to-use is valuable for the future.


As you said AI is very popular thing with many potential uses. So i think that in the future maybe we will find ways to benefit from this technology :wink:

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Love it man! What you wrote here is the future of finance. I can say with full confidence someone will do this… ideally it will Venus.

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Even that would be great if a development calendar came out. There must be someone within the Venus team who will adapt their artificial intelligence applications to