Unhappy with the VIP-27 + strange voting


only 4 days ago, I was writing here because of the proposal that was going to liquidate most users of the platform based on the whale vote.

Today is not so acute in terms of time, but really important for the future of the platform.

What is the utility of XVS in this platform? Should users be punished for using your Coin as collateral by getting the collateral factor decreased? Shouldn’t XVS give a better collateral factor despite its price volatility? As a way to incentivize people to hold XVS in your platform I think it would make more sense.

If you want to make XVS more valuable, make the platform more usable.

Do more burns and buybacks. Get more and more coins as collateral…

Give users the chance to vote with vXVS, so that people USING your coin on your platform can actually PARTICIPATE whilest doing so.

The current way things are you are actually discouraging users from using your coin as collateral.
If users had the motivation to use it as collateral, due to a higher collateral factor, more XVS would be locked in the platform and thus not getting sold, pushing the price of the coin up

Also, I heard from a couple different users that they voted against on the VIP-27 proposal, but their vote isn’t counted.
I tried voting against to see what would happen. Even though the voting dashboard is telling me i voted, my vote is nowhere.

I want to believe that this platform is fair. But after trying to liquidate us just 4 days ago, I am now having issues with seeing my own vote in your governance. If your coin isn’t supposted to be used as collateral (which it should for positive price action), then I think it could at least be usable for Governance, so there is some utility to it.

I hate losing faith, currently I am not losing it, I just think the platform’s direction is wrong right now.

Please express your stance on the issues in this message.

If I got anything wrong or you want to explain why I cant see my vote, please argue below.


VIP27 will strengthen XVS. We are still vulnerable until collateral factor is at 60% or less. The team get us there gently I hope.

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