Unhappy with the VIP-26


As you all know, lots of users were affected by the crypto market behaving in a very weird, some might even say manipulated fashion. Lots of liquidations happened, lot of lessons have been taught.

But now, as the market is still pretty unstable, is it really the time to further decrease each users Collateral Factor, thus bringing every user of the platform closer or even into liquidation?
I don’t know how is this proposal supposted to save anything, and I think that the users should be the number one priority of any platform.

As we can see, a whale address has voted for the passing of the proposal.
If there is nothing we can do about the result, can we please at least get a date of the changes, so we can prepare in advance?

I am overall sad about the decision to even create such a proposal in these times, I think the platform should support its users, instead of complicating things more for the sake of a coin.

I hope to start a Discussion amongst the real users, affected by this proposal that has been whale accepted without giving the smaller users a chance to change anything

Please further explain anything I am not seeing, or getting wrong. I wish to be wrong, I hope I can continue supporting this platform, please restore my hope


some people now how to sell at lost because of it.

vip26 should be postponed

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Vip26 cancelled, WTF? :sweat_smile:


Not this time. Not during bear market