Transparency challenge


I’m very enthusiastic with the Venus protocol.

I have read the white paper, the Introduction to Venus Protocol and everything was clear enough to get started.

I have supplied cryptocurrency assets, I’m happy to see interests growing, and I’m delighted to see my pot of distributed Venus growing as well, on the Venus app.

But, since I’m curious, since I like mathematics, and since I have read that “All the data is visible to whoever wants to see it, without twists and turns”, I want to understand, in practice, the process of calculation of two things: the accumulated interests of one supplied asset, and the value of the earned Venus for that same supply.

To be clear, I want to reproduce, myself, those two calculations made by the venus app. My obscure centralized bank refuses to explain this type of process to me. But since we are talking about decentralized finance, and that data is public and freely accessible to anyone who wants to see it, I’m convinced, I’m motivated and I’m ready.

Here is a “simple” problem: Alice supplies 100 litecoins to the Venus Protocol at the time T. Two days later (+48 hours), Alice wants to verify that the accumulated interests and the distributed Venus she earned, those printed on the Venus app, are correct.

Here is the challenge: What is the easiest method Alice should go through to find out those two values, without referring to the Venus app? She only has a calculator, some good skills in mathematics and has an access to BscScan, the only source of information she trusts.

Anyone can try to solve this problem. The solution must be broken down into elementary steps Alice can reproduce herself, each data used must have a name and a source on the BscScan website (URLs, steps to find the data).

The winner will be rewarded with the eternal recognition from the community.

Good luck.