The site changed temporarily

I visited Venus earlier today and the whole site was a different color and the emblem in the top right hand corner was different. Then it turned back.

It looks like the new look is coming soon?? Does the new emblem, mean Venus is rebranding?

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Copied from a message from the Community Mod DANNY: Source Telegram Channel:

It looks temporary as some changes where probably made to the infrastructure today, it may take a bit longer for the changes to fully propagate to your ISP/DNS. You can try trough a VPN in the meantime and it should work.

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Wow this is monumental after 2 years of hard work they have finally changed the background colour.

Well done Venus team I underestimated you. :champagne:

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Muhaaahaaaaaa have a closer look! It is not just the logo! Today it is the whole webpage… Well nearly the whole webpage. Of course NOT the forum :wink:

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yes,then change the forum, too

After years of hard work blood sweat and tears they finally got the logo done… by outsourcing it to someone on Fiverr

Better late than never. I try and stay positive regardless. I see no benefit in FUDing my investment and scaring potential future investors away.


Please change this font to blue so the un-selected tab is more visible.

deleted… should not post before breakfast

Sounds good in theory, but at some point we all need to draw a line somewhere, the team has been very slow to do anything since taking over a year ago. Maybe without any pressure they would have taken even longer.

Nothing scares investors more than price, XVS was crashing around on the rocks long before I started making noises. $150 down to $6. Besides judging by views and activity not many people take part and read the community pages.

Token is rallying now so we have more of a reason to be positive