Survey Result Community Feedback / Community Call

Hello everyone!

We have started to plan ahead of Friday’s first monthly Community call in our Discord Server: [Venus Protocol]. The call will take place at 16:00 GMT.

We would like to hear everyone’s opinions and we need the community to be involved in order to better plan our Q1 2022 Agenda!

Please, share your comments and ideas and let us know how you think we should prioritize our next major releases based on the Community Survey results that where published last weekend here:

What would you like the Team to prioritize?

Thank you Venus fam! We are looking forward to talk & share with everyone soon!

Friday January 14th @ 16h00 GMT
Location: Discord Voice Channel


Everything that was voted on and was in first place is already being worked on and it is expected that everything from the survey will arrive for this Q1 of 2022, the call will therefore be for things that were not approved or new things that were not raised In the survey, I think that exposing ourselves to more networks would be a good idea and after finishing the implementation of solana we should get into other networks, as I mentioned, I think that exchange blockchains have competitive advantages and that our next objective should be to attack the huobi and CRO network could be tremendous being 0 competition for venus and a greater option to attract people.

Nice 60% of those that participated invested one year ago, 28% roughly 6 months ago but very little after that :frowning: it’s a huge drop in investor interest. We need to generate demand for XVS again :eyes: a partnership with a dex to offer leverage trading will be huge especially if we can negotiate one to offer it directly on their website/dapp and use Venus as a custodian provider

I think VAI should be modelled after UST, it has quickly replaced DAI to be the number 1 stable coin. Why?

Because it is offering a 20% yield.

Having to burn XVS to mint would be a great price catalyst for Venus.

Actually, UST is also on the shortlist of tokens to be added to our Money market! It’s being evaluated. Once the results are in from the Risk Team we will publish a survey to the community.