Supply Balance Issue - BTCB on Venus - Deposit Disappears - Supply Not Showing

I have used for a while without issue.

I recently supplied a few hundred dollars of BTC to the lending protocol (Venus pool).

Unusually there was no confirmation popup from the protocol but the wallet dispensed the BTCB.

The blockchain shows the conversion from BTCB to VBTC for the correct amount.

However the balance on screen is unchanged, despite refresh, disconnect, etc.

The transaction did not reverse either.

I can add the VBTC token to Metamask and see the balance which is the same as before I deposited.

As it stands, I am freezing all deposits to Venus, of course.

Question is, blockchain is correct (I think) but how do I see my last deposit reflected in VBTC / on screen balance?

I did look in to Discord, but last time they gave me a link to click and likely drain my wallet, so not ideal.

Any ideas?