Suggest to cancel XVS loan


Large investors maliciously lend XVS to achieve the purpose of controlling loan income, which is against the wishes of the community


More XVS also equals more votes. The concern would be that this activity could interrupt the community led effort to make this a strong community led protocol.

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This is so blatantly obvious in our faces that is a reason I don’t have incentive to hold XVS token.

A single entity created the rule to solely benefit from at the expense of XVS hodlers against whom the 233% APY minted XVS is being sold.

It is a scam of the year and needs to be cured if the project wants to survive.


I think that this will be addressed tonight when VIP-8 is executed.

This is the first important priority that we need to address as of now.
No logical reason to give 233% APY to XVS borrower!

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Why does binance get to give themselves 300k tokens to vote on projects? That’s why everything they want like this passes…

nope. we need it addressed in the next update.

To be honest what scares me the most is the lack of comments/feedback from Swipe team or moderators. So active until now and then, radio silence when the community is speaking out. @RonnyCrypt0 @Dekaanra @ScamLizarondo @joselito how about a few words on the topic. Is it being rectified in the proposal to be implemented? what´s the reason behind it? etc.

We might not be whales but we all have XVS bags…

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I am a new user of the protocol and would also like answers to the above issue. Thanks!

We urgently need to correct this, this breach is denigrating the image of venus, and generating distrust from users, please we need a proposal to eliminate this xvs borrow function or at least match its apy to that of other assets


This has to be implemented ASAP. However, it’s already been here for the last 13 days.

It is being delayed and ignored by the team as only early insiders are the ones be able to earn XVS at 233% APY, while diluting the rest of the community.

Someone on CT with influence has to call this out.

Why are insiders only allowed to have 200%+ APY? Just remove the borrow function of XVS entirely NOW. Everyday that the team delays, the rest of us get diluted heavily. This is a warning to the rest of the community and token holders. Act now or regret later.


As @dododot said in another topic “because the whole system is controlled by those borrow XVS and enjoy free 233% XVS they got, they get more free XVS, and more voting power.”

On Telegram they also delete messages or even ban users who asked about “XVS borrowing problem”.

It is scary…