Site not loading correctly

Hello everyone,

Since this morning, dasboard has been working badly for me. After waking up, I loaded the page only to see that my debt is smaller than it truly is, and that my supply balance is smaller as well. At first I thought I somehow got liquidated, but after checking on Yieldwatch, and looking at the prices I knew that wasn’t possible. After many attempts of disconnecting and reconnecting, the real numbers appeared.

Then they disappeared again.

Currently, even though my wallet is connected, and I did a reset of my wallet a couple times, the website is showing me 0

As someone with quite a huge position on this website, I feel like wanting the Front end to work is quite a minimal ask for a project.

Is there anything you can reccomend, or anything you can fix?

I don’t want to one day lose my positions due to your website not working


Having the same problems not sure if it is a metamask sync issue, as I had a few glitches on other dapps.

Is another front end you can try although it is being phase out on the 15th.

The Binance node were overused today. I had to use my local one to trade.
Pro-tip: the doc says it compiles on Unix only (Linux, Mac) but it works great on Windows too. Use light mode, other modes would require supercomputers.

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